Prasidha, Saloni script meet records

Prasidha, Saloni script meet records

Prasidha, Saloni script meet records

 As many as five new meet records were set on the opening day of the 29th South Zone Aquatic Championship at the Suvarna JNMC swimming pool here on Friday.

In the Group II, 100M butterfly boys’ final, Prasidha Krishna PA set a new meet mark with a timing of 1:01.30. He obliterated the previous best of 1:02.80 set by Rakshit Shetty of Karnataka in 2011.

In the Group II segment, it was another Karnataka swimmer Dhyan Balakrishna who got his name in the record books. Swimming the 100M backstroke final, Balakrishna touched the pad in 1:10.45.

In the women’s section, it was Jhanati Rajesh and Saloni Dalal who kept the record keepers busy through the day.

Swimming the Group I, 100M backstroke final, Jhanati bettered her previous mark of 1:12.74 by touching the pad in 1:12.19 seconds. In Group II, Karantaka’s Saloni topped the podium in 100M breaststroke in record time.

Results (Only first place): Boys: Group I: 100M freestyle: VS Gokulnath (TN) 56.15; 400M freestyle: Rayan Mohammed Meccai (Kar) 4:28.98; 100M Backstroke: Nishanth Kumar (Kar) 1:05.09.

100M breaststroke: Pruthvik DS (Kar) 1:10.30; 200M individual medley: Hemanth Jenukal VB (Kar) 2:19.95

4x100M medley relay: Karnataka 4:18.24.
Group II: 100M freestyle: Prasidha Krishna PA (Kar) 57.86; 1500M freestyle: Yatish S Gowda (Kar) 17:55.15; 100M backstroke: Karan Srinivas (Kar) 1:06.70; 100M breaststroke: Kushal P (Kar) 1:13.23.

100M butterfly: Prasidha Krishna PA (Kar) 1:01.30 (NMR; Old: 1:02.80, Rakshit U Shetty, Kar, 2011); 200M individual medley: Kushal P (Kar) 2:24.10
4x100M medley relay: Karnataka 4:25.14

Group III: 100M freestyle: Samarth Subramanya (Kar) 1:02.89; 200M freestyle: Dhyan Balakrishna (Kar) 2:17.79; 100M backstroke: Dhyan Balakrishna (Kar) 1:10.45 (NMR; Old: 1:11.06, Hemanth Jenukal VB, KAR, 2012); 200M individual medley: Shoan Ganguly (Kar) 2:31.24; 4x50M freestyle relay: Tamilnadu 1:57.69

Group IV: 100M freestyle: Amey B Patil (Kar) 1:09.32; 200M individual medley: Vidith S Shankar (Kar) 2:43.19; 4x50M freestyle relay: Karnataka 2:09.92

Women: Group I: 100M freestyle: Spoorthi MJ (Kar) 1:04.44; 400M freestyle: Sharon Mary Cherian (TN) 5:10.85; 100M backstroke: Jhanati Rajesh (Kar) 1:12.19 (NMR; Old: 1:12.74 Jhanati Rajesh, Kar, 2016); 100M breaststroke: Shriya R Bhat (Kar) 1:23.83; 100M butterfly: VS Gokulnath (TN) 1:00.36; 100M butterfly: Vedika Navya Bhounsle (Kar) 1:14.67; 200M individual medley: Jhanati Rajesh (Kar) 2:46.53
4x100M medley relay: Karnataka 5:07.60

Group II: 100M freestyle: Mayuri Lingaraj (Kar) 1:01.74 (NMR; Old: 1:01.74, AV Jayaveena, TN, 2012). 1500M freestyle: Khushi Dinesh (Kar) 18:42.71 (NMR; Old: 18:50.16, Shraddha Sudhir, Kar, 2013); 100M backstroke: Goli Jahanavi (Tel) 1:13.49.

100M breaststroke: Saloni Dalal (Kar) 1:19.18 (NMR; Old: 1:22.93, A V Jayaveena, TN, 2012); 100M butterfly: Mayuri Lingaraj (Kar) 1:08.04.

200M individual medley: Saloni Dalal (Kar) 2:41.72; 4x100M medley relay: Karnataka 4:54.39.
Group III: 100M freestyle: Preksha HP (Kar) 1:07.28; 200M freestyle: Divya Ghosh (Kar) 2:24.95; 100M backstroke: Krizana Irani (Kar) 1:16.38; 200M individual medley: Adya Nayak (Kar) 2:46.05; 4x50M freestyle relay: Karnataka 2:04.45

Group IV: 100M freestyle: Srishti Satishwar (Kar) 1:10.91; 200M individual medley: Srishti Satishwar (Kar) 3:04.55; 4x50M freestyle relay: Karnataka 2:14.64