Another woman assaulted in Bengaluru

Another woman assaulted in Bengaluru

Another woman assaulted in Bengaluru
A 25-year-old woman was molested in K G Halli on Friday. She has suffered cuts and bruises.

She was walking towards Govindapura Circle, near Arabic College, when she was accosted by a man who groped her. It was 6.30 am, and she was on her way to catch a bus to work.

The incident comes a day after four men were arrested for molesting a woman in Kammanahalli late on New Year’s Eve. Reports about a mass molestation incident on Brigade Road has also made it to the headlines.

Police have accessed CCTV footage from a tea shop showing a man following the victim on Friday.

The incident took place at a blind spot, and police said they had found no video evidence of the molestation.

The man walks back into the frame after the victim has raised an alarm. “Around 10 am, the victim and her mother approached me and asked if they could see the footage captured on our CCTV,” said Mujeeb Khan, who runs the tea shop. He later handed over the footage to the police.
Neighbours said they had heard the screams of the woman. A few rushed to her help, but the molester had fled by then.

Onlookers alerted her family, who took her to a nearby hospital, where she was treated as an outpatient.

Crowded street

The street was not crowded when the incident took place. Dogs on the street began to bark. The molester hurried away when the victim fell and raised an alarm, an eyewitness said.

The woman is a resident of Banaswadi and was visiting her relatives’ house in HBR Layout, where she had stayed overnight. She got up early as her work begins at 7 am, police said.

“I spoke to the victim. She panicked when the man approached her. When she tried to run, she fell and hurt herself,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Ajay Hilori told DH.
K G Halli police have registered a case and launched a manhunt.

“The CCTV footage was not clear enough to identify the molester, but our men are speaking to shopkeepers and people in the area to ascertain his identity,” a senior police officer said.

Cuts and bruises

The victim has sustained injuries on her tongue, hip, and limbs.

Police suspect she fell and injured herself while trying to escape from the molester. She was treated as an outpatient at a nearby hospital.