Educational reforms - Need of hour

The education system in India undergoes change every five years when a new government comes to rule. It’s a fact that we all have witnessed over last few years specifically. It should also be noted that ever since India adopted the present Constitution, the word secularism has been bandied about wrongly so as to block all efforts to introduce moral and spiritual education.

One education commission after another has recommended the introduction of moral education and the government is yet to act on such recommendations.

The need of the hour is not just moral education, but also to know the nature of consciousness or the self because it is not enough to teach physics, chemistry,maths and science. Education must enlighten a person about the self or the Mind.  Today, scientific research has established it very clearly that meditation has many benefits for the individual and the then why the government does not introduce it in schools and colleges? The answer to this question might, perhaps, be that there are so many systems or kinds of meditation in vogue and the government does not know which one to introduce. This, however, does not seem to be the sufficient reason to block the introduction of a very important and useful subject for all time. A way will have to be found to determine which form or forms are the best among the dozen or more that are in vogue. If the results are judged from the benefits which accrue to the practitioners in respect of their physical, mental, spiritual and social health, that should be a sufficient ground to consider its introduction in some schools to begin with on trial basis at least.

The other criterion could be whether the principles on which it is based are universal, scientific and psychologically correct. Furthermore, the government could give recognition to institutions which impart moral and spiritual education and teach meditation along with giving its students a broad international outlook. So, let us raise demand for education reforms by coming together in unity and get rid of our laid-back attitude to move into the age of enlightenment where our thoughts will be constantly loving, pure and harmonious.

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