Hollywood lauds Meryl Streep for her powerful speech at Globes

Hollywood lauds Meryl Streep for her powerful speech at Globes

Hollywood lauds Meryl Streep for her powerful speech at Globes
Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney, Robert DeNiro, Barbra Streisand among others have blasted Donald Trump for mocking Meryl Streep as "overrated" while praising the veteran actress for taking a stand against President-elect in her Golden Globes speech. The 67-year-old actress slammed Trump, without ever naming him, in her scathing acceptance speech where she cautioned against powerful people using their position to "bully others".

As her speech started trending, Trump lashed out at the actress via Twitter, calling her "one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood" and a "Hillary flunkey". Hollywood celebrities, however, have come out in Streep's support, saying her words were carefully chosen and "beautifully" expressed. "Aren't you supposed to be running the country?," Clooney asked Trump following his tweet. Streep's "Marvin's Room" co-star and friend Robert DeNiro wrote a letter, praising the actress for speaking up.

"Meryl–What you said was great. It needed to be said, and you said it beautifully. I have so much respect for you that you did it while the world was celebrating your achievements. "I share your sentiments about punks and bullies. Enough is enough. You, with your elegance and intelligence, have a powerful voice – one that inspires others to speak up as they should so their voices will be heard too. It is so important that we ALL speak up," he said in the letter, obtained by the People.

Streisand too expressed her solidarity with Streep, saying, "I completely agree with Meryl. It was a heartbreaking moment and so beneath the dignity of the presidency, let alone any respectful person. "What we need more in this world is kindness and common decency, and what he did and how he reacts, and how he has the need to talk back and insult anybody who doesn't agree with him, that's pretty disgraceful."

Actress Viola Davis, who introduced Streep before her Cecil B DeMille Award, said her "Doubt" co-star had earned the right to say that and people with progressive ideas -- be it Martin Luther King or John F Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi -- were criticised initially. "She's earned the right to say that and I think all of us felt a sigh of relief. Sometimes you need the first person to dive in there and have the courage and the bravery to give a mouthpiece to what we were all feeling," Davis said. Late Night show host Seth Meyers also took potshots at Trump for calling Streep "overrated".

"Overrated? She's so good, people use her to compliment people in other professions. Like LeBron James is the Meryl Streep of basketball, or Donald Trump is the Meryl Streep of having thin skin,"    Meyers said. Ellen DeGeneres, Anna Kendrick, Laverne Cox, Mindy Kaling, Julianne Moore and John Legend were other Hollywood stars who praised Streep for taking a stand. "There has never been anyone like Meryl Streep. I love her. #GoldenGlobes," DeGeneres wrote.

Moore, who worked with Streep in 2002 film "The Hours", said, "When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose" thank you #MerylStreep #GoldenGlobes." Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky wrote, "Thank you Meryl," so did singer John Legend, who honoured the actress by tweeting her name in all caps, "MERYL STREEP".

Cox wrote, "Everything she said. Thank you #MerylStreep for you work and everything you said tonight. #empathy #GoldenGlobes." "Is there anyone better? #Meryl," Kendrick said. Kaling wrote, "Meryl Streep has mastered the placid reaction shot as people honor her." Actress-singer Bette Midler tweeted, "Thank God for Meryl Streep, who spoke truth to power at the Golden Globes tonight calling out He Who Must Be Worshiped, w/o saying his name."

Director Michael Moore wrote, "A stunning moment the likes of which we rarely see on TV: Meryl Streep's Passionate Golden Globes Speech." Calling the actress "brave", producer Judd Apatow posted, "We will need a lot of people as clear and brave as Meryl Streep if we are to fight the corruption, bad ideas and lies of Donald Trump." Actor Wilmer Valderrama tweeted, "#MerylStreep your work, your words... And your heart is why you are the history lesson our young generation should aspire to be. #GoldenGlobes." Gina Rodriguez wrote, "Meryl, you give me life. #GoldenGlobes."