Adventure beckons

Adventure beckons

My perfect weekend

Adventure beckons

My idea of a perfect weekend is one where I nurture and pamper myself both physically and spiritually. I love to work out, for around two to three hours, when I have a day to myself. Any free time, away from film sets, is spent taking care of my health and cleansing.

The other part of the weekend generally includes spending time with friends and family and indulging in activities like bicycle rides, playing badminton or heading off to places which have adventure sports like paragliding.

I have been a runner and a ‘kho-kho’ player since childhood. Adventure sports like rock-climbing, hiking and mountaineering have always topped my list of favourite leisure activities. I love spending time outside, enjoying nature and also burning calories in the process. These activities are a great way to stay fit while giving one an adrenaline rush as well. They open up one to different experiences and give the confidence to combat any situation.

I love spending time with my friends Nicky, Vinay, Anil, Tarun, Vijay and Arushi, who are all from different walks of life. When we get together, we have a variety of things to discuss, as most of us work in different fields. We have an HR professional, a model, a producer and other professionals in the same group. While we update each other about all that is happening in our lives, the common thing we discuss is movies and food.

My friends and I love chilling out at places like Nandi Hills and we generally spend time at a cafe enroute. We also love going to different places to indulge in good food and games, like ‘Skyye Bar’, ‘Smokehouse Deli’ and ‘Plan B’. We are always connected to each other, thanks to technology, and I know that my friends are only a call away.

My family is a big part of my existence. I like to spend as much time as possible with my parents and siblings. Though my brother Amar and sister Pavithra are younger to me, I love hanging out with them. From going for meditation camps to just sitting around and chatting, from going for rides to attending dance classes, we do a lot of things together. We are much more than a set of siblings. We love playing carrom and talk about everything under the sun. It’s a very cute and beautiful bond that we share.

Though I cannot be called an avid reader, I enjoy reading motivational and spiritual books. I like to indulge in books by Osho which help in nurturing and developing the mind and the body. I also like sipping green tea before every meal; in fact, my day starts with it.

Another thing that I am addicted to is black coffee. I even have a post-it sticker in my room which says ‘No black coffee for Sanchita’. I don’t want to have too much of the beverage but I end up having it anyway, even on a movie set.

My grandfather and father are animal lovers and I grew up with 11 pets around, including rabbits and hens. So I also share a unique bond with animals. I love spending time with our cat ‘Kitty’ and dog ‘Chintu’. Pets have an inherent quality in them which brings forth the affectionate side of any person.

Something that I love doing alone and with friends is watching movies, be it a Korean one or in any other Indian regional language. Even if I don’t understand the language, I still watch them as they open up a new horizon, broaden my thought process and help to perfect my craft too. I have always loved sketching and painting. Art has been a big part of my life; it is not only a passion but also a meditative activity. When there is a lot happening in my life, the canvas is where I express myself. I also love cooking and whenever I am home, I force my mother to stay out of the kitchen. I make nice ‘Mutter paneer’ and ‘Vegetable biryani’ and my parents thoroughly enjoy my cooking.

I have always been a nature lover and observing the sunset is an important part of my routine. This has also inspired me to take up photography. Watching the sunset, that just lasts a few minutes, is a big realisation. It helps one detach from everything around and is a great healing process. A sunset marks the end of a day and sets the hope for a new one, which makes one realise the importance of the smallest things in life.”

A few of my favourite things

Sketchbook and pencil
Green tea or black coffee
Mobile phone
Reading books

(As told to Tini Sara Anien)