Four ways to rock the 'nude' look

Four ways to rock the 'nude' look

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Four ways to rock the 'nude' look

Nude lips are the new classic. They make a bold statement, and are so versatile that you can pull it off with nearly any look, provided you get it right.

This trend began with the idea of playing down the face, especially when the eyes are glammed up with a smoky look and fake lashes or when the colour on your cheeks were hogging the limelight. However, nude lips have now clearly taken the centre stage.

From Hollywood stars to runway models, everyone is sporting nude lips with éclat. And achieving this stylish look is easier than you might think.

While nude lips are suitable for all occasions — a party night or a more casual evening out with a few friends — be sure to choose the shade for your complexion. Wearing too light a shade could give you a washed-out look.

If you are very fair, go for a peachy nude colour: this adds some balminess to your skin.

If your skin tone is wheatish, go for hues like nude pink and rose — these shades will uplift your skin colour. Bronze and caramel nudes will go well with dark skin tones.

It’s also important to emphasise the rest of your features. Apply a cheerful blush, do up your eyes, stroke it with mascara and liner, and the nude lip colour will complement this look.

As for the textures, play safe with creamy or glossy. Matte finish can end up being colourless and chalky, making your lips look lifeless.

Otherwise, you could exfoliate your lips with a wet cloth or a scrub and apply a layer of non-glossy, non-sticky balm.

A concealer can help neutralise your lip colour and bring out the nude shade better.
This is best followed up with lining your lips with a shade darker than the nude you've picked out for a plumper look. You could even fill in your lips with the liner — it would work as a base.

This done, apply the lip colour. Pair the nude lip colour with these four looks:

A plain dewy face

This is a fairly simple look. Get a dewy flawless finish, and add to it with a black eyeliner and mascara.

Coloured eye shadow

Nude lips allow you to experiment with bright-coloured eye shadow, without running the risk of looking gaudy.

Smoky eye look

The smudged black liner on the lower and upper lids, coupled with the nude lip, can
 look classy.

Fake long lashes

Nude lips with fake long lashes can make a statement.
You could finish with a gloss —colourless or pink; however, sans sparkles. And now you're ready to go.

(The author is a make-up artist)