'I do not want to relax now'

'I do not want to relax now'

Candid chat

'I do not want to relax now'

Sandalwood actor Chetan Chandra is shuttling between shooting sets and doing a balancing act with the many characters he is portraying.

Among the array of projects, his latest crime-based drama project ‘Malgudi Station’ will begin its second schedule soon. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he sheds light on the strict diet he is following, his latest projects and the journey so far.

How did you celebrate ‘Makara Sankranti’?

I was on a diet and couldn’t indulge in any of the sweets. I love ‘yellu bella’ and ‘pongal’. I am a big foodie and being on a diet is the saddest part of festivals. I was born to eat. Since I couldn’t break my diet, it was just a normal day for me. My family members all wore new clothes while I was in track pants. I rushed to the gym and back, got fresh and changed into another set of tracks.

The projects that are keeping you busy nowadays...

I just finished ‘Samyuktha 2’ and the post-production work is going on. The movie should release by March. The shoot for ‘Raja Thilaka’ is on and the second schedule for ‘Malgudi Station’ starts soon. I also have another trilingual project ‘Mruthum’ in line. I have been listening to many scripts and there are more projects in the pipeline.

Tell us a bit about ‘Malgudi Station’.

The movie is a crime-based drama movie  which is about a small gang of youngsters who are on the run from a don and the police. These youngsters are involved in betting, arm-wrestling and more. ‘Charlie’ fame Shivu is the director of the movie. The movie’s second half revolves around a railway station called ‘Malgudi Station’.

What made you accept the role?

I accepted the movie because of Shivu, who is a close friend. I couldn’t be a part of his earlier project and thus when he approached for this, I instantly agreed. Shivu is a very sensible director. Also the role is very raw and distinct, which is something I haven’t tried yet. My role is very aggressive, which is very different from what I have done till date.

How distinctive is your look?

I portray a very raw look in ‘Malgudi Station’. I am not wearing any colourful outfits in the movie. In fact, makeup was used to make me look darker for this movie.

When shuttling between different movies, do you face any challenges?

(Thinks) None as of now. When I take up a movie, I always sit down with the director and take clear instructions and ideas of what is expected from me. I spend a lot of time on homework and like to deliver my best. Twenty four hours is not enough for me at the moment.

Do you think that thrillers are becoming a trend in Sandalwood?

After ‘Mungaru Male’ was released, a lot of the movies were shot in rain. After ‘Rangitaranga’, thriller movies have become a part of the industry. Whatever works best commercially and is accepted well by the audience, becomes a trend, in any industry.

With so many projects in your kitty, how do you relax?

(Smiles) I don’t want to relax now. I have a long way to go before I can sit back and relax.