Confidence rules the streets

Confidence rules the streets

Haute style

Confidence rules the streets

The collection at ‘BoseCut’ boasts of intricate cuts, textured fabrics, colours of nature and inspiration drawn from ancient paintings. It represents high-street fashion designs and embraces modern trends.

A cut above the rest

The brand stands apart with its innovative patterns and fashionable designs for the young woman of today. The new collection integrates stripes, checks, floral, abstract and geometrical patterns in the form of fabrics and embellishments.
As many believe that it is important to stay fashionable at all times these days, it has become crucial to have the perfect outfit for every occasion.

    Keeping different needs in mind, this collection showcases short dresses, long dresses, skirts and pants as well.

The director of the brand, Sweta Bose, says, “The aim is to present eye-catching and elegant outfits for different occasions. One can choose anything they want to wear — be it night parties, formal wear for office and casual outings.” The brand also tries to make the customers be remembered and not just noticed.

‘BoseCut’ also has a range of accessories to choose from. The designs are trendy, fashionable and perfect for any occasion. It is simple, elegant and also gives one the confidence to carry the outfit.

Sweta adds, “While the designs and innovation strategies change every season, we abide by the three elements that remain static — use of high-quality fabrics for production, adoption of a design  after multiple trials on real bodies to get that final, well-fitted look before productions, and the creation of authentic designs that cater to the needs of women today.”

The apparel and accessories are available at ‘Fusion’ on Commercial Street. The latest designs will also be presented at Bangalore Fashion Week’.

It will showcase the concept of convertibles, where most of the outfits can be altered to add a new look to the existing outfit.

   The colours chosen are from various elements of the beach like coral, pebbles, sand, sunset and sunrise.

The designs of shoulder gears are added in a few designs — these gears can also be worn with an old outfit to give a new look.

It also has other interesting elements like detachable ruffles and zips to convert a pant into a palazzo. “Our garment designs are very futuristic with the use of abstract geometric patterns in our embellishments, which evokes images of ancient Egyptian fashion with the addition of shoulder and head gear and metallic colours,” says Sweta.

Uthkarsha Balaram, a student of Mount Carmel College, looked dashing in a red and black halter fitted dress with a necklace.
Punchline: “The dress I’m wearing is of a unique design. I like the neck area, it’s sophisticated and classy. The skirt fits perfectly giving a good shape.’’
Price:Dress ( 2,490) and necklace ( 1,199).

Antonette Augustin from Nitte Meenakshi
Institute of Technology kept it casual with a denim dress.
Punchline: “The material is soft and comfortable. I love the structured stitching used in the design and it compliments my body shape. I love the zipper slit in the middle of the dress.”
Price: Dress ( 3,100)

Malaika Susan Mathew, a student of Mount Carmel College, looked graceful in a well-fitted maroon dress. She paired it with a silver
Punchline: “I loved my look. The colour is very captivating and the material is comfortable and classy. It’s perfect for an evening wear.”
Price:Dress ( 2,650) and necklace ( 699).

Lavinia Sootnick from Mount Carmel College wore a golden short skirt, a sleek shirt and neckpiece.
Punchline: “I like the overall look of the outfit. It gives a chic and classy look. Paired with the necklace, it is a great outfit.”
Price:Top ( 1,400), skirt
( 2,600) and necklace ( 1,199).

Snazzy Keshri from Mount Carmel College wore a striped palazzo pants, blue top and feather necklace.
Punchline: “I felt very confident wearing it. It’s a simple and casual look that I can wear for a formal event or when I am out with my friends.”
Price:Top ( 1,200), palazzo ( 1,500) and necklace ( 899).

 Shikha Singh, a student of Acharya Institute of Technology, slipped into a long black and golden skirt and crop top. She paired that with an intricate necklace.
Punchline: “I felt very elegant and beautiful wearing it. The best part is it can be worn for a casual day out or to a
Price:Skirt ( 3,500) and necklace ( 899).