Navi is targeted towards fun-loving customers: Guleria

Navi is targeted towards fun-loving customers: Guleria

Navi is targeted towards fun-loving customers: Guleria
Yadvinder S Guleria, Senior Vice President (Sales & Marketing), Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, has propelled Honda to number two position from number four in the Indian two-wheeler industry in a short span.

With Guleria at the helm, Honda has more than doubled its sales en route a third consecutive record-breaking year in India, clocking a total sale of 44.5 lakh units in FY 2014-15; up from 22 lakh at the end of FY 2011-12. At present, Honda is number one in top 35 towns of India, while one in every four two-wheelers sold is now a Honda. In an interaction with DH, Guleria explained the effort and research in making the Navi motorette (a mix between a motorcycle and a scooterette). Edited excerpts:

When did you launch Honda Navi and how has the response been?

Honda Navi was unveiled at the Auto Expo in February 2015, and despatches started from the last week of March 2016. Since its launch, Navi continues to receive an overwhelming response and has succeeded in grasping imagination of the youth with its unique appeal.

What is the idea behind launching Honda Navi? Who are your target customers?

Around 70% of the two-wheelers sold in the country have engine displacement up to 100-110 cc. However, most of the models irrespective of their segment - Motorcycle or Scooter - are lookalike without much differentiation in specifications or features. Considering this potential and moving away from the syndrome of sameness, Honda R&D India challenged to unleash Honda’s FUN DNA and create “New additional Value for India” — Navi. In its standard form, the design statement is FUN to SEE and pure FUN to RIDE. Providing endless possibilities in expression, yet affordable to own one and customisation for the young customers — Navi is designed in such a way, that it opens up a significant opportunity to modify and customise it to suit ones taste. And therefore pure FUN to Create. The Navi is targeted towards fun-loving, young urban customers in the age group of 18-24 years.

Is this the first time in India, where a two-wheeler company has come up with a motorette (a mix between a motorcycle and a scooterette)? How about global market?

The Navi is first-of-its kind two-wheeler 100% developed by Honda research and development India from concept development to commercial production. We have already started exports to neighbouring countries.

The production of the Navi takes place in which plant, and what is the production

Currently, Navi is manufactured at our second plant located at Tapukara in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. The initial plan for Navi had to be increased capacity wise and now we are ready to produce and dispatch 1,00,000 units annually.

Till date, how many Navi has been sold and which is your biggest market?

Over 54,000 units have been sold till December 2016. The western and southern regions of the country contribute more than 50% of total Navi sales.

How important is Karnataka market wrt Navi? How much is the contribution of Karnataka towards national sales in terms of percentage you may specify?

Southern region alone contributes 25% to the all India Navi sales among which Karnataka state is the highest contributor with 33% contribution in the region.

Navi is exported to how many countries?

Honda Navi exports crossed 2,000 unit dispatches within just four months of exports commencement. It is currently being exported to Nepal and Sri Lanka, where the response has been very encouraging. Continuing its expansion drive it will soon explore new export markets.

Which are the new variants you have launched recently? Explain the importance of both variants.

Apart from it’s unique look, the option of customisation has played a crucial role in earning tremendous customer interest. Almost 50% customers buying Navi opt for customising it. The expansion of Navi’s unique customisation options offer exciting and unique possibilities to customers for personalising their Navi in their own unique way. We have recently introduced two more editions for the Navi – the wild untamed Adventure edition and the shiny sparkling Chrome edition which are sure to provide an extra dose to those who have an appetite for FUN. We have already started to receive online bookings. We will continue to surprise our customers and add more fun with expansion of customisation options.

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