Coffee on canvas

Coffee on canvas

Art exhibition

Coffee on canvas

A s ‘Studio Strokes’, the school of fine arts in Koramangala, leaps into its 20th year, it is taking its annual painting exhibition to a larger canvas — CBD, MG Road for the benefit of art lovers — with a unique concept — coffee paintings.

The exhibition will be a three-day affair starting on January 20, between 11 am and 7.30pm, at the Rangoli-Metro Art Centre, Metro Station, MG Road. 

The best works of the students of the academy will be on display and sale. It will be a spectacular sight as all the paintings will be created using coffee as the medium.

One can also see the different shades of coffee reflecting in the paintings apart from the great themes that each one will carry.

As most of these are created by children, it will be a breathtaking experience and an experience of their unimaginable talent.

Only by seeing this, can one fathom the depth of creativity of blending coffee with art. The aroma of coffee can stimulate one’s senses far beyond imagination.