'I only want to do one film at a time'

'I only want to do one film at a time'


'I only want to do one film at a time'

Actor Ekta Rathod who was first seen in ‘Masterpiece’, where she played a cameo,  is all excited about her latest projects — ‘BMW’ and ‘Siliconn City’. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about how she took to acting and her latest role.

How did your journey into movies start?

I was in college and tried my hand at modelling because all my friends were trying it. Some of them encouraged me to try movies too, since they believed that I had the face and the confidence required for an actor. A few of my friends were already in the industry and that’s how my role in ‘Masterpiece’ came about.

How did you bag the role in ‘Siliconn City’?

Actor Suraj Gowda, who is an old friend from the fashion industry, suggested my name to the director and thankfully things clicked. The faith he had in me and the support he extended to me is the main reason I am here. The director had thankfully watched the movie and we fixed up a meeting and everything just fell in place. The movie set is like a huge family.

Can you elaborate on your role?

I play Shoba, a college student and I am cast opposite Suraj Gowda in the movie. I play a girl who expects certain things from her boyfriend and keeps asking him for different things. My role could be categorised as a girl who is very needy. My look is very simple in the movie. Though I have played a student in both the other projects I have done, this is a very different role.

Why is that so?

I play a significant part in the movie. There is a lot I had to do to be Shoba. In simpler terms, this is performance-oriented role, which is what I am looking to portray. There is not as much focus on my appearance as there is on the role.

Your chemistry with Suraj...

It is an amazing experience to be paired with a friend. Though it can be initially challenging to act with someone you know so closely, it was a great experience. Suraj has always been quite supportive, even from my modelling days. I was very excited when I heard that I would be paired opposite him. I was very comfortable with him. He is a professional and has come a long way.

What were the challenges you faced?

The script of  ‘Siliconn City’ demands certain situations which I wouldn’t be able to handle in real life. I’m a very egoistic person. To detach myself from the role and just portray what the director wanted can prove challenging sometimes. I had to learnt to be more practical. I’ve learnt a lot from the project. I have learnt that I need to focus more on details and that dedication matters a lot.

Any homework that you had to do for the role...

I was told to read a lot of Kannada literature and newspapers to improve my language. I have taken it in a positive manner and I have my fingers crossed.

What’s next?

I am taking it really slow and trying to learn even the smallest details to perfect my craft. I only want to do one film at a time.

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