Siddu promises hike in honorarium for priests

Siddu promises hike in honorarium for priests

Siddu promises hike in honorarium for priests

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Wednesday that the honorarium given to  priests in ‘C’ category Muzrai temples will be increased up to Rs 50,000 per year.

He was speaking at the state-level convention of Akhila Karnataka Hindu Temples - Archaks, Agamiks and Upadivants Federation in Benglaluru on Wednesday.

At present, the priests receive an honorarium of Rs 100 per day which adds up to Rs 36,000 per year. The demand of the priests is to increase this amount to Rs 250 per day, which would be Rs 90,000 a year.

Siddaramaiah said, “It will be difficult to double the amount. At present, model code of conduct is in force in the wake of elections to  south-east teachers’ constituency. I will announce the hike in the coming days.”

Siddaramaiah said that in several temples, people of certain castes are denied entry and in others, women are not allowed.

This practice is not right and officials in the Muzrai department should ensure that action is taken in this matter.

Muzrai Minister Rudrappa Lamani said that rules had been framed for the transfers and retirement of priests. However, they have not been implemented and priests have opposed the rules. A Cabinet sub-committee will be set up for suggesting changes to the rules,” he said.

The minister also promised life insurance for priests and temple staff and construction of ‘Archakara Bhavana’ in Bengaluru.