UK will retain its 'internationalist' approach: Theresa May

UK will retain its 'internationalist' approach: Theresa May

UK will retain its 'internationalist' approach: Theresa May

Asserting that the UK will retain its "internationalist" approach despite Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May today said the country's biggest manufacturer Tata is Indian, but still there cannot be anything more British than its product Jaguar Land Rover.

She also said Britain will step up to a new global leadership role and ink stronger free trade pacts with Europe while talks have already started for new deals with India and several other countries.

May called upon the world to engage with each other to ensure globalisation and free trade works for all and benefits everyone.

According to her, forces of free trade and globalisation that have harnessed wealth and opportunities across the world and broken down the barriers are somehow at risk of being undermined.

"Forces of far left and far right are at work in today's world and there are those playing politics of fear and despair. Politics of mainstream needs to ensure they take care of genuine needs of the people," the British Prime Minister said.

"We want to be even more internationalist and that has been our role traditionally," she added.

"So, many of us have friends and relatives across the world. We will pursue a bold and strong free trade agreement with Europe," May stressed.

Noting that Britain has started talks for stronger trade pacts with India and several other countries, she said: "Our biggest manufacturer is Tata which is Indian and still there can't be more British than Jaguar Land Rover."

Amid uncertainties over the impact of Britain's decision to exit the European Union, May said the UK will step up to a new leadership role including for free markets and a free world.

"Little over six months ago, millions of our people upset the odds... British people have chosen a new stronger Britain. Some of our European partners feel we have turned our back on them, but our decision to leave the EU was no way a rejection of our friends in Europe. It remains in our national interest that EU as an institution succeeds," she said.

May said talks of greater globalisation can make people fearful and these tensions are being greatly exposed through social media. "But if we want to make it work, we must work together and this challenge requires new approach from the governments and from the businesses," the Prime Minister said, adding that governments would back the businesses to ensure the benefits are distributed among everyone.

"I am determined that the people in mainstream politics listen to the people... I will make sure mainstream politics will respond to the concerns of today and show how globalisation can work for everyone." May said.

Noting that too often the responsibilities we have to one another have been forgotten in a cult of individualism, she said, "we can't leave economic prosperity to international market forces alone, governments must also step up".

"Business must demonstrate leadership... to show that everyone is playing by the same rules. If we are to maintain public consent for a global economy, we need higher standards of corporate governance," May said.

She also stressed that businesses all have to play by the same tax rules. Stating that a new approach from both governments and businesses to ensure all are included under the benefits of globalisation, the Prime Minister said, "Britain is by instinct a great global trading nation. We seek the freedom to build trade deals with friends, old and new."

The UK will be best friend and neighbour to our European partners, but reach beyond Europe too, she added.

Further, the Prime Minister said Britain is no less British because it is home to people from around the world and derives strength from the diversity. "Responsive and responsible leadership will deliver security, prosperity and belonging for all," she said.