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My perfect weekend
Last Updated 19 January 2017, 18:38 IST

Being in the television industry, the concept of weekends don’t really exist. When I started my career, I never knew what a weekend was like. But with my newer projects, I have some time off and am able to spend it the way I want it to.

Depending on my work schedule and how the week has been, I watch movies, spend time with my husband Mazher Sayed or meet my friends. I have very few friends whom I am close to. We also meet our other friends that Mazher and I are close to.

Our parties are mostly get-togethers where we have a dinner and play games. I usually participatein games like dumb charades, ‘Pictionary’ and ‘Taboo’. Sometimes we also do movie nights. Mazher likes watching horror and action movies; I usually fiddle with my phone when he does so.

We both are bad cooks so we usually let our cook make something delicious for us. There are times when we go out for lunch and dinner as well. But the choice of cuisine depends on our mood — anything from Chinese and Thai to Indian.

Weekends are also busy with household chores. Buying groceries, cleaning the house and keeping everything organised is usually on the agenda.

No matter how busy it gets, ‘my alone time’ is also very important to me. I love reading and painting. I am currently re-reading ‘The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You: A Handbook for Happiness’ by David Hare.

 I usually switch between books when reading but this time I am just concentrating on it completely. Painting is a way to relax and calm me. I enjoy acrylic painting. I am always on the lookout for new techniques to learn. If I see something online, I try to experiment with it. However, I don’t get as much as time as I would like to.

On our day off, meeting our family is also on the list of things to do. My family lives in Kolkata but I have my mother’s parents living in the city and we visit them whenever possible. We usually go out for lunch or dinner. Though I love the fact that they pamper me, I think I also pamper them equally.

Working out and keeping myself fit is something that I don’t miss doing. I usually wake up in the morning and my trainer comes home. I prefer doing yoga as it sets me for the day. I also believe that working out only once or twice a week is not enough.

 You need to find time during the day, at least for a little bit to see the change you want.

Since both Mazher and I have busy schedules, we don’t always get time to get out of the city for a mini-vacation. We drove down to Goa recently.

 But since I don’t drive, it is Mazher who has to take the strain to get us there in one piece. But we try to plan a trip where we can take a flight to the location — if only we had enough time to do so.

My idea of a perfect weekend would be to do whatever I want, whenever I want and spend time with whomever I want.

 However, the work schedule doesn’t usually allow you to do that. It takes about 10 days of continuous work to get what I want.

But since my shooting location is about two-and-a-half hours from my house, it is almost too tiring to want to do anything over the weekends.

 So I have lazy weekends where I am just sleeping the whole day. As long as I get some time to paint, read, sleep and meditate, it is a good way to relax. Sometimes, that turns out to be a perfect weekend too.”

A few of my favourite things

Watching films
Catching up with friends

(Published 19 January 2017, 15:59 IST)

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