Don't supply water through tankers under pressure, DC tells officials

Don't supply water through tankers under pressure, DC tells officials

Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Trilok Chandra directed officials to supply water through tankers to wards which are facing acute shortage of water.

He was speaking at a meeting of City Municipal Council and Town Municipal Council officials here.

The DC warned that the district administration will not keep quiet if water is supplied through tankers under the pressure of municipal council members or other people, he said.

He asked the officials what steps they have taken to valvemen who are supplying water through tankers to residents in the areas where water is available. “The district administration has received a lot of complaints from people in this regard. I had earlier directed to inspect the warns and submit a report. What steps have you taken?” he questioned them.

CMC commissioner S A Ramprakash said the civic body is supplying water to residents through 37 tankers. The CMC members are exerting pressure to supply water through 50 more tankers. They are disturbing the work, he poured out his woes.

He said, “Every day 185 loads of water is being supplied through 37 tankers additionally. Water is being supplied to half of Gandhinagar area through wells. But the ward members and tanker owners have provoked people to stage a protest. They are not leaving us to explain the real issue to the people.”

Ramprakash said the city has 298 borewells. Among them, 130 borewells have water and the rest are dry, he added.

The deputy commissioner told the CMC commissioner to increase tanker water supply for someone’s whims and fancies. Let them supply water on their own if they want to save their prestige. We intend to supply water through pipelines not through water tankers, he said.

He also sought information on dry borewells.

He said the government has released sufficient funds under Swacch Bharath project. The funds should be utilised properly.Action will be taken against the officials if the funds go back to the government, he said seeking information on the toilets constructed under the project.

Commissioner Rampra- kash said 333 applications have been received under the project for construction of toilets. The construction of 153 toilets has been completed. All toilets will be constructed by the month-end, he said.

KGF CMC Commissioner Srikanth said they have a target to construct 2,918 toilets and the construction of 2,600 toilets has been completed. There are some problems to locate land for the construction of toilets at rest of the places. The problems will be solved soon, he added.

Additional Deputy Commissioner K Vidyakumari and Project Director Renuka were present in the meeting.