Maintaining good relations with neighbours

Sir, This refers to the editorial ‘Prickly issues’ (DH June2). The government should not get caught napping over the issues of maintaining foregin relations with its neighbours. The peace evading neighbour Pakistan should be handled with care. India should lead the global countries in handling the issue of terrorism with US. Afghanistan  is getting help from India to build its infrastructure after the Taliban was defeated by the US and its allies. India should try to sustain the relations without any interference in its internal affairs. Relations with Nepal should be rejuvenated. India should monitor the situation and see that devolution of power is done by Sri Lanka. Hope the new government with jumbo ministry is capable of handling its foreign affairs challenges.


Exports downslide

Sir, Approps ‘Exports fall to 14-year low at 33.2% in April’ (DH June 2), this piece of news comes as no surprise. Recession had taken its toll on exports and the ones which are 100 pc EOUs solely dependent on US have had to bear the brunt of it. With the order book reduced to zero, they are facing virtual closure whilst many have already called it a day. A dip of 33.2 pc was expected on exports and similar trend with imports too. Garment sector is literally running a hand-to-mouth existence and many layoffs have taken place recently. It’s time for the government to offer tax sops and other export incentives in the coming Budget.


Promise not kept

Sir, Sometime back news was doing the rounds among political and non-political circles about bringing back illegally hoarded money in Swiss and other foreign banks. Even the judiciary got into the act. The outgoing ruling combine at the Centre did promise that it was not keeping quiet and would definitely take  appropriate action, but the issue has died down and there is no news emanating from either the political or non-political circles. Therefore, the people are entitled to know the fate of the promise made by the Central govrnment.


Ministry in the dark

Sir, It is rather unfortunate that miscreants in Bihar have set ablaze a few trains and uprooted railway lines, without any strong reasons. The railway authorities must be held responsible for  not communicating the matter to the higher authorities. Illegal stoppage of trains is not new to this country as politicians  during their tenure take the liberty.

The new ministry was kept in the dark about the decision taken by the zonal office, and it would definitely have sent wrong signals. Atleast in future they should be careful before taking a decision, or else the matter gets politicised.


Unabated provocations

Sir, Pakistan is at it again. It has now released the 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Mohammad Saeed after the decision was taken by Lahore high court. This shows that nothing really has changed in Pakistan and proves that it still doesn’t recognise Jamaat-Ud-Dawa as a terrorist organisation. This move contradicts its earlier position of being committed to  fighting terror. Naturally this has made India see red over Pakistan’s double game. Everybody knows that when Pakistan says ‘Resolve Kashmir issue’, it is actually saying that Kashmir should become part of it. This is entirely unacceptable to India. These unabated provocations by our neighbour proves that all the diplomatic pressure that we put on it were in vain.


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