Did 'Shree 420' role only after a chocolate bribe: Rishi

Did 'Shree 420' role only after a chocolate bribe: Rishi

Did 'Shree 420' role only after a chocolate bribe: Rishi

Actor Rishi Kapoor has revealed he was not ready to do a scene in his father Raj Kapoor's "Shree 420" and it was a chocolate bribe by Nargis Dutt that convinced him to do it.

During a session at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF), the 64-year-old actor, who has recently released his autobiography "Khullam Khula", said he was two when he accepted his first bribe.

"I had to give a shot and it was raining that day. It was difficult for crew to make me prepare for the shot. I had just to walk without any expression. It was Nargis who came up with the idea to offer me chocolate to get the shot done. In that sense, I started taking bribes when I was two-year-old," Rishi said.

However, the actor dodged the question on buying an award for his hit "Bobby", something which he has mentioned in his book. "It is better you read my autobiography."

Rishi candidly talked about his ups and downs in his 44-year-old career in the film industry. "After the success of 'Bobby', expectation rose and it became difficult for me to compete with contemporary actors," he said.

"It seems that it is easy for star sons to become a hit hero but after your first film you have to cross the journey alone. I had to struggle in different ways."

He left the audience in splits by revealing that he filled several pages with autographs when he heard his parents talking about his launch in films.

When asked about which of his acting roles he likes the most, he said that it is now that he has started getting acting roles. "In the last 25 years, I fooled people by doing romantic roles. Yash ji never tried me in other characters. Now, I am offered good roles and I am enjoying this second phase more."

Talking about his family including his wife Neetu and son Ranbir, he said that he is in Jaipur ahead of 37th marriage anniversary which falls on January 22. "I have done 13-14 movies with Neetu and 11 were before our marriage, so falling in love was obvious. I have got a good wife and mother for my children in her," he said.

On Ranbir's script selection, he said that his grandfather and father did not interfere in his career and so he also avoids doing it. "He has done movies that are not commercial and have come out as a hit on box office. Actors are made with the love of fans and Ranbir is getting your love."