The royal touch

The royal touch

North Indian cuisine

The royal touch

There is no dearth of eateries in Bengaluru but when a restaurant combines authenticity with great taste, you have a winner that is bound to catch eyeballs and win over stomachs.

‘Chote Miya’ in Fraser Town is one such example. Started by Sharif Furniturewala, this joint may look a bit small at first sight but a bite of their famed delicacies and you will forget everything around you.

“I am basically from Mumbai but keep coming to Bengaluru for a few days every month,” says Sharif. “On these trips, I used to bring special delicacies made by my cook for my friends in this city. And they loved it, so much so that they asked me to set up something here.”

About what sets his outlet apart from the numerous other ones offering similar cuisine in the city, Sharif says, “You don’t get this type of food anywhere in the city. It is a very unique style; decidedly North Indian with a distinct Lucknowi influence.”

The restaurant offers food like ‘kebabs’, rolls, ‘biryani’ and so on. The menu is mostly non-vegetarian and is quite compact with only four to five items under each section. In the starters section, opt for the ‘Shami kebab’ or the ‘Mutton sheekh’. While the former is one of their most popular items, the latter is made in a typical Lucknowi style with smoked meat which brings out the flavour beautifully. Another special feature is that the meat is not red in colour in this particular preparation.

In the rolls section, one can choose from a variety of options like ‘Chicken sheekh roll’, ‘Bhuna mutton roll’, ‘paneer roll’ and so on. But the highlight of the place is the humble ‘biryani’, which is one of their fastest-moving items. In the gravy section, ‘Chicken angaara’ and ‘Mutton angaara’ are must-haves. These have cashew-based gravies with tomatoes and are smoked with live coal; a complex process that lends them a distinctive flavour. Sharif admits to running out of these items every day due to heavy demand. The place is a takeaway-cum-casual dining one and so while all the other items are available at the outlet, the desserts like ‘Shahi tukde’ and ‘Pineapple halwa’ are available only by order.

Located in a residential, high-end area, the place has a mix of young and middle-aged customers. Seating is limited with a present capacity of only 15 seats though there are plans of expanding the space further. “We are looking at making it a chain of small outlets located all over the city instead of focussing on a particular place or area. One of the most challenging parts in this business is getting people to travel and come to your place or delivering food to them. So if I want my food to reach people all over the city, I have to have a small outlet in many places,” says Sharif.

Asked about the rationale behind the name he laughs. “My friends said the food reminded them of the type served at the famed ‘Bademiya’ restaurant in Mumbai. So I thought ‘if we have a Bademiya, then why not a Chote Miya too?’ It is all about getting the essence of North India to this place,” he adds.

‘Chote Miya’ is located at 13, 1st Main, Jayamahal Extension, Fraser Town.