When you want to take a 'wok'

When you want to take a 'wok'

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When you want to take a 'wok'

With the weather playing spoilt sport, what better way to bring in some warmth than a piping ‘hot and sour soup’ or some ‘panfried dim sums’ to munch on? Chinese food has often been misunderstood as an unhealthy cuisine to opt for and breaking that notion is ‘Wokanaka’, an eatery located in Kalyan Nagar.

Offering the choicest of starters like ‘Sparkling corn’, ‘Chicken wings’, ‘Chicken
lollipop’ and more, the cosy and humble eatery has a lot for the foodie in you. This place was started by couple Soumya Das and Bandana Rath and has an array of Chinese items that one can choose from.

There is also a section called ‘Special starters’ which includes interesting items like ‘Honey chilli potato’, ‘Veg balls in choice of sauce’ and ‘Sliced chicken in oyster sauce’.

“It was my fondness for Chinese food which led us to start this eatery. Many often think that it isn’t the best cuisine to indulge in and doesn’t include a lot of greens. This is where we wanted to step in and offer a lot more than the city had ever seen,” says Soumya.

“Our specialities are our ‘woks’, which are customised. This is something which is widely seen in the US and Europe where people choose what they want to indulge in, from the noodles to what needs to be added into it including the sauces,” he

Soumya says that the customer first chooses the base that includes rice/noodles, flat noodles or whole wheat noodles. “After this, one’s choice of vegetables are added along with the sauce they like. We have eight sauces that one can choose from that include teriyaki, hot garlic, black pepper and black bean. One can also include toppings for a complete meal. For those who want more vegetables included in their meal, ‘The Veggie Dish’ with vegetables like Frenchbeans, babycorn, pepper mix, zucchini, Chinese cabbage and onion is an added option,” he says.

He adds that the ‘wok’ helps those who are looking for a balanced diet and would like to know exactly what one is consuming. “Customising one’s meal adds a personal touch to it,” observes Soumya.

For those who want to opt for items from the menu, there are ‘noodle soups’ in chicken, prawn and vegetable options.

Main course dishes like ‘Thai curry’ along with side items like ‘Mushroom manchurian’, ‘Paneer chilly’, ‘Tofu manchurian’ and ‘Prawn pepper garlic’ among others are a must if one has plans for an elaborate lunch or dinner. Another highlight of the place is the ‘Shallow fried shredded chicken in Hunan style’. The eatery’s ‘steamed momos’ are also a great delight.

The proportions served are generous as well. “In fact, we have had customers who suggested that our ‘wok’ sizes were too big and thus we introduced a medium size. A lot of students and youngsters enjoy these now,” says Soumya.

The crowd also consists of professionals and families and there are a lot of takeaways and delivery orders placed here.

“The biggest highlight of our eatery is that we do not add ajinomoto to any of our items. We have refined the cuisine in the healthiest way possible,” highlights Soumya.

The eatery is located at 502, ground floor, 5th A Main, off CMR Road, HRBR Layout, 2nd block extension, Kalyan Nagar.