An unforgettable trip through the past

An unforgettable trip through the past

An unforgettable trip through the past
This photograph was taken by my husband D Nagaraja on platform no 1 of Bengaluru City Railway Station in September 1977. It was clicked when we were about to start our all-India tour of nearly a month from Bengaluru. A few of our close relatives had come to the station to see us off to Madras, our first destination. We travelled from Bengaluru to Madras by Brindavan Express.

Our group included my mother-in-law, D Padma Bai; my husband, D Nagaraja; my then two-year-old son, D Murali Mohan; my father, B Ramachandra Rao (retired under secretary to the government of Karnataka, law and parliamentary affairs); my mother, B Tara Bai (a social worker); my elder sister, Dr B R Brinda (professor and HOD, gynaecology and obstetrics department, MSR Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Bengaluru); my younger sister, B R Shashikala (now a senior advocate and notary, government of India); and myself, B R Vasundhara (now an advocate and notary, government of India).

My first brother-in-law, Dr D Narayana Dutt (retired as a professor from ECE department, IISc) was one amongst those who visited us. My husband, D Nagaraja, retired as deputy general manager from ITI Limited, corporate office, Bengaluru. Since we had booked our entire railway journey in first class and had confirmed a circular reservation for the tour, our travel was quite comfortable and smooth. After visiting Madras and Mahabalipuram, we proceeded to Kurda Road/ Puri by Coromandel Express. We visited the Jagannath Temple and the beach called ‘Swarga Dwaar’ in Puri. At that time, Puri wasn’t very crowded.

Our conducted tour included places like the Sun Temple in Konark, Sakshi Gopal, Bhubaneshwar and other places. Even today, those of us who are alive fondly remember our visit to Orissa. As a large group, we had a lot of fun. From Puri, we proceeded to Calcutta and also visited Bodh Gaya, the place of enlightment of Lord Buddha, in Bihar. In Varanasi, all of us were eager to visit the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Everyone was very glad to be able to take a holy dip at the Triveni Sangam in Allahabad and visit the Taj Mahal as well. Covering the many places of interest in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and Goa, we finally returned to Bengaluru after about 30 days of wonderful travel. The trip was very meticulously planned by my husband and we never faced any problems. It gave us a different perspective of the country we live in. Our interactions with the people from different states, backgrounds and interests was a beautiful life experience.

I am an old Bengalurean and hold pleasant memories of the city. My two sisters and I were good singers and we won several prizes in light music at school and college level competitions. We would often go to watch cricket test matches held at the Central College grounds and Chinnaswamy Stadium. ‘Vidyarthi Bhavan’ was one of our favourite places to visit for the delicious ‘masala dosa’.

As two families — my husband’s and mine — we were very close. My brother B Satya Bhagavan and my husband were good friends and we lived on the same road — HP Samaja Road in Basavanagudi. Even before I got married, our families went for a few picnics and flower shows at Lalbagh together. I shared a good rapport with everyone in my husband’s family.

Today, four members of the group who travelled with us are no longer alive — D Padma Bai, B Ramachandra Rao, B Tara Bai and Dr B R Brinda. Among those who came to see us off at the station that day, two of them, D Narasimha Rao (retired bank manager, SBM) and B Satya Bhagavan (assistant director, NAL) are also no longer with us. That year (1977), we lost my father-in-law, D Gopal Rao. Looking back, I will always remember and cherish every moment I spent with all of them and fondly remember their love and affection for me, my husband and my son. Whenever I see this photograph, it takes me back to those times and bringsback pleasant memories of yore.

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