Fritzl's daughter falls in love with bodyguard

According to a report in Austrian newspaper Oesterreich, Elisabeth has struck up a relationship with the man identified as “Thomas W”, after they spent months together in their new home at Perg, following her release from a mental health clinic.
“Thomas W” was assigned to guard Elisabeth and the six children she bore by her dungeon dad while she was imprisoned in the cellar at their home in the Austrian town of Amstetten for over 24 years.
“They are a couple. Everyone saw from the beginning how secure she felt with him,” a source close to Elisabeth was quoted as saying.
In fact, the relationship is said to have given her “renewed strength” and she is currently taking driving lessons while spending many hours a week in therapy to help her cope with the post traumatic stress of her ordeal.
Elisabeth was 18 when she was drugged by her father and imprisoned as a sex slave.

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