A unique visual documentation

A unique visual documentation

Diverse compositions

National Gallery of Modern Art, (NGMA) Bengaluru, is presenting the exhibition ‘A A Almelkar: Inspiration and Impact’ comprising over 261 artworks that includes paintings, drawings and sketches.

Almekar played an important role in the history of Indian art. His style of paintings, depicting rural and tribal life and culture, made his work distinctive and unique. Decorative elements dominated his works and made the compositions very diverse, innovative and ingenious.
His works were influenced by the cultural ingredients prevalent in the Indian art world during the first half of the 20th century. The use of texture and the synthetic graceful lines were the soul of his paintings.     

His works also reveal a simple unassuming art with brilliant rhythmic fluid lines, local colours, people and landscapes that were predominantly a visual documentation of western India.

Almelkar derived his inspiration from nature and his passion for exploring the expanse of the country, especially the western part of India.