A stage to beat the blues

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A stage to beat the blues

A lot of youngsters, who hold top positions in corporate firms, have been increasingly making theatre-based activities an integral part of their professional life. This is not only helping them communicate better but also beating stress in a big way.

Shriram Chandak, a senior software engineer, with HCL, feels being a part of theatre-related activities in his  company has motivated him to become a more confident person.
“I work in a high-pressure job and theatre has encouraged me to look at a particular problem from different perspectives. You tend to solve problems at a faster pace,” adds Shriram. He also feels it has taught him the benefits of working as a team. 
“The theatre sessions deal with very real issues at workplaces. These teach you how to organise your thoughts in a way that benefits a larger group and enhances productivity,” he adds.
Shriram says that it has developed his personality as well.  

Theatre groups in the city working with IT professionals say that theatrical techniques have given a platform for these professionals to creatively express their thoughts. One such group is ‘WeMove Solutions’, headed by Rangaraj Bhatracharya, co-founder and CEO.
He points out that one of the most important aspects of theatre is to emotionally connect with the audience. “IT professionals need to connect with their stakeholders across the globe and talk about their work, which can be very effectively done with the help of theatre. Theatre not only helps individuals to get in touch with their emotions and express better, but also helps in improving skills like voice modulation, body language and emotions, which is very necessary today,” he says.
Rangaraj is also of the opinion that theatre-based activities also pave way in shedding one’s inhibitions.

Most employees of IT companies race against tight deadlines and work under tremendous pressure. Ashok Rangan, an IT professional with a leading IT firm, says working on theatre-based activities is a thoroughly destressing affair. “It not only creatively engages you but also gives you the much-needed break from the mundane work environment. Activities like these force you to think out of the box and prod you to get away from the technical aspects of work which can be mentally tiring,” feels Ashok.

Adding to Ashok’s perspective is Hardeep Singh, an employee with HCL Technologies, who thinks theatrical activities break the ice between employees.
“When you are a part of such activities, you make friends very quickly and mix with your co-workers in a better way. You tend to look at work in a more open way,” shares Hardeep. He feels most companies have integrated theatre-based activities into their work. “These activities inculcate in people a healthy competitive spirit and one feels comfortable learning and sharing what one has learnt from co-workers,” feels Hardeep. 

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