Woman makes cop social media hero for his Good Samaritan act

Woman makes cop social media hero for his Good Samaritan act

Woman makes cop social media hero for his Good Samaritan act

A social media post by a woman, who was stranded at a dimly lit road as her motorcycle ran out of fuel on Thursday night, is not only going viral but has also boosted people’s confidence in police.

K Narayan, 56, an assistant sub-inspector at the KG Halli traffic police station, was returning home from work late on Thursday night when he saw a woman stranded with her motorcycle at a dimly lit road in JC Nagar near TV Tower, north Bengaluru.

He approached her and asked if she needed help. She replied that she had run out of fuel and was waiting for her husband.

Realising that the road is not safe, Narayan offered his scooter and asked her to ride to the well-lit Mehkri Circle, about a kilometre away, and wait there. He then pushed her motorcycle to Mehkri Circle and waited along with her for her husband. The woman’s husband turned up a short while later with a fuel can. The couple thanked the officer and headed home.

Later, the woman, identified as Nirmala Rajesh, posted her pleasant experience on Facebook with a picture of Narayan, and thanked him for his timely help. “... Mr Narayan has set another example that POLICE are POLITE and a FRIEND too...please share this and help to get maximum like for dedicated COPS (sic),” Nirmala posted.

Her post was shared by many social media users who appreciated Narayan’s good work. Senior police officers also took notice and congratulated him for going beyond the call of duty to help, serve and protect people.

Hemant Nimbalkar, Additional Commissioner of Police (East), tweeted, “We are proud of you Mr Narayan ASI! Because of you people on the road, Karnataka Police Flag flies high (sic).”

Hithendra R, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), posted, “Thank you Nirmala Rajesh, for recognising the good work done by our ASI Sh K Narayan (sic).”
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