Numa to launch DataCity project in Bengaluru

Numa to launch DataCity project in Bengaluru

Numa to launch DataCity project in Bengaluru

Numa, a French startup accelerator headquartered in Paris, will soon launch its DataCity Programme in Bengaluru, as part of its initiative to develop data-driven apps for the city.

The programme, which is expected to be launched in May this year, is driven with the goal of using data for positive transformation by engaging with the local startup ecosystem.

In an interaction with DH, Numa India Managing Director Naresh Narasimhan said, “In India, there is a lot of data available, but it is sitting in silos. The startups will have to mine these data for insight.”

Narasimhan said the programme will bring together industry stakeholders, startups and local authorities to study the challenges of using data to make cities smarter and better places to live for their citizens.

Numa launched the first edition of the open innovation programme DataCity in Paris in 2015. Besides identifying challenges, the programme involves call for startup projects and testing of selected projects.

Marie Vorgan Le Barzic, Global CEO of Numa, said the programme can definitely find solutions for cities like Bengaluru.

“By the end of the first quarter of 2017, Numa will launch its startup accelerator programme in Berlin and New York. Another two countries will be added to the list by the end of this year. Numa is also considering China. Currently the startup accelerator has  presence in Casablanca, Paris, Moscow, Bengaluru, Barcelona and Mexico,” he said.

As part of the second season of DataCity in Paris, about 11 challenges were launched. “The initiative has 10 corporate partners in Paris, who provide both data and funds. French rail company SNCF is one of the corporates engaged in the DataCity project. There are six startups based in Paris and Casablanca working with SNCF,” said Barzic.