Fine strokes of imagination

Fine strokes of imagination

Fine strokes of imagination

Our experiment with colour pencils and sketchbooks start as soon as we learn how to hold a pencil. But as we grow up and get busier with our lives, this activity tend to take a backseat in our lives.

But that wasn’t the case with Priya Pai, an engineering student. She has been drawing since her kindergarten days and as she was growing up, she started doing artwork with earbuds.

“Though I was into painting for as long as I can remember, it was only when I was in the seventh standard that I realised that I should take my interest one step further. I joined drawing classes to give a professional touch to what I love doing the most and in fact passed with distinction,” says Priya.

She plays around with different mediums which help her widen her horizon and creativity. Priya recalls that whenever her drawing teacher asked her to copy a live object onto the paper, she always incorporated her own style and imagination in the drawing.

When she came down to the city from Mangaluru for her studies, she realised that there was a lot of scope for artists here.

She soon started painting on shells, bottles, stones and wood rather than limiting her work to only canvasses.

So how did the idea of painting on a stone came about?  “I needed a paper weight, so instead of buying one, I thought of creating one myself. Stone was the best option I could find and painting on it meant breaking the monotony of the grey rock,” says Priya.

Apart from painting, she is also actively involved in recycling different household things that are no more in use.

She says she doesn’t allow her mother to discard anything as Priya is confident of creating something functional out of it. Recently, she did a painting on a broken cutting board and is in the process of thinking about what she can do with an unused pan.

“The time between 6 to 9 in the evening is when I am at my creative best. I divide my time between my studies and my hobby and spend as much time (almost six days a week) as possible towards creating something new. In doing so, I have to sacrifice watching television, being on social media and phone, which is okay with me,” says Priya. 

She is into doodling too and says she usually doodles when she is extremely stressed out. One of the unique doodles she has done is the one with  lyrics.

 “I was once scribbling a song and then it turned it into an artwork of lyrics. Acrylic, watercolours, fabric paint, charcoal, oil pastels, marker pens and oil paints are some of my most commonly used mediums. At the moment I am working on a Kerala mural on a canvas,” says Priya.

Her parents and drawing teacher are her sources of motivation. She says that if they hadn’t encouraged her to concentrate in this field and in academics equally,
she wouldn’t have made it so far. 

 “When I put out my works on social media, the different reactions I get from people inspires me to do a better job every time I hold a paint brush,” says Priya.

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