Drug abuse rampant among youth, says leprosy control officer

Drug abuse rampant among youth, says leprosy control officer

For every hour at least 10 drug addicts try to end their lives in the world, said District Leprosy Control Officer Dr M Chethan. He was speaking at a programme on “Creating awareness on Ill-effects of Drugs”, organised by the District Legal Aid Services Authority, Department of Health and Family Welfare and Orchad institute, here on Tuesday.

Dr Chethan said that it was most unfortunate to note that drug addiction was rampant among students pursuing professional courses like engineering, medicine, etc. Social problems like marital discord, broken homes, mental problems like trauma, depression, etc, often drove people to become drug addicts. While, some people became addicts out of sheer curiosity.

Drugs were supplied to others parts of the state from places like Mizoram and Punjab, which have earned the notoriety of having the highest number of drug addicts. Drug smuggling had become a huge racket with its tentacles spread all over the country, he said.

Dr Chethan explained that drugs prescribed for common illness like insomnia, migraine, cold, etc, if consumed unscientifically, also lead to addiction. The government is planning to open dialysis centres in every taluk. Drug addicts are prone to kidney-related problems. With growing number of alcoholics and drug addicts, it had become inevitable for the government to open more dialysis centres, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, District Health and Family Welfare Officer Dr H V Rangaswamy said that drug addiction often claimed the lives of its victims. Director of Orchard institute Dr H G Sadashivaiah, Secretary Mala Sadashivaiah and several others were present on the occasion.

‘Ban liquior in Karnataka’
Member secretary, District Legal Aid Services Authority, and Judge B L Jinaralkar said that a few states in our country have decided to go dry. Karnataka should also follow suit and impose a ban on liquor, keeping in mind the health of the people. Alcoholism had led led to an increase in the number of divorces. Most of the alcoholics ended up committing crimes. Youth need to steer clear from drugs and partake in nation building, he opined.