Trashing the trashy thoughts

It was a squally weather on an evening, while I was walking through long boulevards, with blustery winds, blowing and buffeting my body. In the bargain, allowing few dusk specks to gain an entry into my eyes. Interestingly, within a trice, the eyes had launched on tight defense tactics, by triggering tear ducts, in a bid to throw away those tiny dust specks. 

The dust motes hadn’t spared even the nasal terrains, as they tried surging through nostrils; the nasal zone tried protecting itself by producing sneezes, in the process, pushing out the uninvited particle. In this unsavoury state, with streaming eyes/nose, when I sought out to spice up my spirits by sipping into some steaming-hot tea, the scalding-hot liquid, swerved onto wrong passage in the throat, causing a cocktail of coughs and hiccups, thereby expelling the unwelcomed liquid. Now, when each part of our body tries trashing out the unwanted things, why is it our mind assiduously trying to accommodate an abundant supply of awful thoughts, which addles, agonizes and agitates the mind constantly? Often we hear people say, the moment their head touches the pillow in the night, they feel the unspooling of the mind’s movie, with medley of thoughts, merrily projecting/playing in their muddled-up head. It is as though the head has sent across the special invite to innumerous thoughts, only at that unsuitable hour. No wonder, sleep seems to be simply elusive to some folks. Funnily, the mind tries revolving around such persons/things, who/which themselves would be of no importance/significance.

Besides, the mind also zooms around those thoughts, related to either past agonies or future apprehensions. Especially, when it fully knows that just by raking brains no situation can be altered, adjusted or ameliorated. What is to happen just happens in life. So, why have these thoughts in our heads? Instead, why not create, with concerted efforts, such aforesaid ‘defense strategies’ for our mind too? Wherein, the moment our mind senses any spirit-sapping thought surfacing on it, swiftly it sifts it off, to have it superimposed by some spirit-soaring thoughts. After all, as the saying goes, “God has given us the gift of life. It is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living supremely well!”     

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