Giving life to music

My perfect weekend

Giving life to music

Being in the industry that I am in, the idea of getting a weekend off is somewhat impossible. But there are times when I get to be at a fantastic location and I make sure to utilise the time I get there.   

Usually my weekends are so packed with performances that I am mostly too tired to go out after that.

Even though I am busy around the year, there are a few months when I am completely free and can do whatever I want. During these ‘off-seasons’, I love to go out, meet my friends, chill at a lounge and shop my heart away.

My friends are very understanding of my schedule so they don’t rub it in my face when they have a normal weekend and I don’t. They manage to include me in their lives whenever my schedule permits it. And brunches are an ideal way for this. It’s become a habit for me to go to Sunday brunches with my friends. I have a set of friends who come just for that. That is when they fill me in on the details about their lives and vice versa.

I’m not too much of a health freak but I workout whenever I think I have gained some weight (laughs). I try to hit the gym once or twice a week or workout at home. I try to eat healthy as much as possible so that I don’t have to struggle later.

Since Saturdays are usually when we are busy with shows and performances, Sundays are the days I actually get to relax. My twin sister Sukriti and older sister Akriti are also in the music industry so they understand my schedule.

We love spending time with each other and have a good time shopping on my weekends off. Sundays are the preferred days to go to the mall and buy everything we want; its our ‘us’ time. However, there are days when our fans come to us and ask for selfies. Thanks to social media, it has become a craze to take selfies these days and even we try our Snapchat filters with our fans.

I also enjoy spending time with the other members of my family. We usually barbecue in the evening, call our friends over or just hang out by ourselves. And if we are in the mood, the night turns into a game night.

Though I love spending time with others, I like my ‘alone’ time too. Music is a big part of my life and it goes without saying that it is also a way to enjoy my alone time. I also like pampering myself with  new things.

I love dogs but don’t have any of my own. Since I can’t have one myself due to my crazy schedule, I am the godmother to my best friends’ dog, Theo. He is an adorable pup and spending time with him always makes me feel better.

It’s not always easy to pack my bags and head out of the city to enjoy the weekend.

But whenever that is possible, my sisters and friends head to Lonavla, rent an apartment, spend time there and come back to the city refreshed and ready to face the world.

These are some of the things I love doing and I enjoy all of them equally. If I were given an option to choose my idea of a perfect weekend, I would be greedy and want to do it all!

Nevertheless, till about April, I know that I will be busy with shows and I am happy to be busy. I want to do as many gigs as I can so that I can deserve and truly enjoy my holidays when I get them. And with the current schedule, I like to unwind and relax whenever I can and make the most of my time.

It may not be perfect but that’s just the way I like it — a little bit of chaos and a lot of fun which involves a life with music.

(As told to Anila Kurian)

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