Office space for you

Does your job allow you to work from home, but you don't know how to set up an optimal work station? Vathsala V P offers help

Office space for you
The latest trend in the city of Bengaluru is to work from home. From IT professionals and freelancers to translators and content creators, everybody has a corner of their homes converted into a work space. As my interaction with a few such ‘home-workers’ has revealed, most of them have found themselves at a loss when it came to choosing the right place for their ‘home office’.

Well, to begin with, give a serious thought to the basic requirements of your home office – a lot of natural light, fresh air and a comfortable ambience. Very soon, you will discover what a delightful experience setting up a home office can be. Though the utilitarian aspect of home office furnishings always rules, it is worthwhile to lend a thought to its ornamental features too. After all, your home office should motivate you to be as productive as possible, right?

Let’s begin with its location. The quietest part of the house would be ideal for the same. There’s nothing like a home office that either faces a garden or a balcony, or opens into one. This easy access to a garden or a balcony will allow that much-needed work break, and can be quite relaxing.

Next in line is natural light. The importance of natural light in elevating our mood cannot be emphasised enough. So, while looking for a cosy corner to set up your work station, give preference to a room with huge windows that not only allows plenty of natural light, but also fresh air, both of which can work wonders for your productivity.

Once the issue of light has been dealt with, next comes furniture. As you’ll be spending long hours at your work station, you will need a comfortable table and chair to settle you into the productive mode.

While choosing furniture, care should be taken to see that the size of the furniture is proportional to the size of the room. Again, ‘minimal’ should be the key word, for, the fewer the items in the room, the better it is for that uncluttered feel.

A basic table for the computer with a chest of drawers that can hold everything from a paper clip to important files and papers, does the trick. While choosing the table, care should be taken to choose the one with a foot rest as long hours at the work station in a seated position can be quite taxing on our feet. As far as the chair is concerned, be practical and go in for ergonomically designed ones that offer a firm back support. Don’t fall for fancy revolving chairs. The stiffer the chair, the better it is for your back.

Next on the list should be shelves, as any profession involves piles of books and files. It would be prudent to go in for floor-to-ceiling wall-mounted shelves as they save a lot of space. Make sure they have glass fronts as it makes your job of picking the book or file of your choice easier, as also reflect light and lend the ‘home office’ that much-needed airy feel.

Wall colours and light fixtures too play a major role in making your home office look inviting. Though it is best to follow your heart in the choice of colours, the lighter the shade, the better it is. For, lighter shades reflect light better, keeping the home office bright and inviting at any time of the day or night. Similarly, choose the light fixtures with care as light plays a very important role in creating the right ambience for work — light should neither be too bright or too dim. While too bright a light can be quite a strain on the eye, too dim a light can lull us into sleep.

Further, jazz up your home office with pretty pen and pencil holders, fancy mouse pads, soft boards to pin up reminders, classy photo frames with photographs of your loved ones, and small potted plants. When it comes to furnishings and accessories, go in for ones that you have used in the rest of the rooms for that cosy, homely feel.

Isn’t setting up a home office a breeze of a task? What are we still waiting for? Lend it your personal touch and see your productivity soar to newer heights.
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