Indie films still find a long way to go

Indie films still find a long way to go

Though independent or indie films are gaining public acceptance, filmmakers still face challenges finding the right platform to screen them.

Dayal Padmanabhan’s film ‘Actor’ was released in theatres in February 2016 but he could not earn much through the shows because of issues he faced with multiplexes.
“Experimental cinema relies on word of mouth and social media for publicity, so it takes time for the footfall to increase. But four to five days after the release, multiplexes discontinue shows. They do not have patience,” he said.

His 100-minute-long movie about a failed actor contemplating suicide has entered Biffes 2017 in the ‘Kannada Film Competition’ category. To reach a wider audience, Padmanabhan is planning to put the movie online on Netflix and other video streaming sites.

An NRI from Canada, Brinda Muralidhar has heard of these challenges but she is optimistic about the chances for her movie ‘Knot-Not!’. “I have heard about the problems indie films face in multiplexes. But I am sure there are ways to work around them. I will use the power of social media to promote my film and ensure that it reaches my target audience.”

Her family comedy about an Indian student in Canada whose marriage is being arranged was soft-launched in that country last year. “Earlier, if not a theatrical release, the other available option was releasing the movie on DVD. Today we have Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime. I will definitely put my movie on these platforms after I release it in theatres here,” she said.

Many filmmakers see festivals like Biffes as a key to entering theatres. R Mahantesh had approached several producers with the script for ‘6’3’. When none of them showed interest, he decided to produce the movie himself. Once it was completed, he had trouble finding distributors. “Since my movie has entered this festival, a few distributors have got back to me and expressed interest. I want to show my movie in theatres,” he said. The movie is about child sexual abuse and has entered the ‘Kannada Film Competition’ category.

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