'Bengaluru feels very young'

Mesmerising moves

'Bengaluru feels very young'

The ‘Attakkalari Biennial 2017’ got off to a grand start with some spellbinding performances. The inaugural day featured two very talented dance companies from Korea, ‘Second Nature’ and ‘Gamblerz & Animation’, moving in sync with vibrant music and showcasing creative concepts.

Taking out time from his busy schedule, Woojung Kim aka Snoopy of ‘Gamblerz & Animation’ spoke to Surupasree Sarmmah about how he developed a taste for dance, his first time in Bengaluru and more.

How did you get into dance?

It was 15 years ago when I saw a man performing ‘popping’ dance in a TV commercial. His moves left me amazed and speechless. That’s when I decided to learn this form of dance and got myself enrolled in a dance academy for a month. I also started learning many of the moves on my own.

Your thoughts on events like the ‘Attakalari Biennial 2017’...

With people coming in from different countries and showcasing various types of dance forms, be it contemporary or street dance, I believe that it is a wonderful festival to gather new experiences for both spectators and dancers.

Dance is...

It is difficult to answer (laughs). I define dance as a representation of imagination.

How is the dance scene in Korea?

I believe every dancer around the world is similar; they all work really hard to showcase the best that they have. Since dance is an art, it is difficult to earn money through it. There are enough dancers but not enough shows and events. Just about a few percent are doing good, but for the others, it is a struggle.

Is it your first time in Bengaluru?

Yes, I have been to Goa and Delhi but this is my first time here. We landed in Bengaluru a few days back and this city is a fun place. Bengaluru feels very young. We plan on visiting the city and look forward to catching a glimpse of some of the temples of historical significance. Everything that I am going to see here is going to be a new experience in my life.

How is the city treating you?

It is great, especially the weather, it is not at all like Korea. The weather back home is too sticky and humid but it’s cooler here.

Did you get a chance to taste the local cuisine yet?

I had chicken curry pizza. I saw a lot of chicken as well as vegetarian food, and whatever I had was delicious. There were other dishes that I tried as well, but I can’t recall the names.

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