'Acting is a constant challenge'

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'Acting is a constant challenge'

Actor Chirashree Anchan, who has been seen in Kannada, Tulu and Telugu movies, is excited about her upcoming movie ‘Karigambaliyalli Midinaaga’ which will hit screens soon.

Having been a part of projects like ‘Udumba’, ‘Golmaal Brothers’, ‘Huliraaya’ and ‘Kalpana 2’, this young actor is really excited about being in Sandalwood. In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, Chirashree talks about her role in her latest movie and the film industry.

How did you get interested in acting?

I always remember wanting to act, even as a child, and I remember the sheer joy when I bagged my first role. My first movie was ‘Rambarooti’, a Tulu movie, and I was extremely excited about it. Though I entered Sandalwood later, I’m very happy to be here. This world, where you’re seen on the big screen, has always delighted me. I bagged the role in ‘Udumba’ through the makeup man, who knew me, and this marked my entry here.

Your thoughts on entering Sandalwood...

I always wanted to act in all industries and it was very encouraging to get offers from the Kannada film industry, which is growing in all facets. I have noticed that there are no differences between the various film industries. All of them are the same; only the language varies. The film fraternity everywhere appreciates talent.

How did the role in ‘Karigambaliyalli...’ happen?

My Telugu movie had just released and I was in Hyderabad, when Yendamoori sir’s assistant saw my performance in the movie and asked me to come and meet them. Being part of Yendamoori Veerendranath’s project was a dream come true. I was elated! I didn’t think a lot before taking up the project, as I instantly fell in love with the story. I really liked my role of a Hindu girl who is raised by a Muslim father. The role has great prominence in the project.

The lessons you learnt on the sets...

Though ‘Pavithra’, a Tulu project, was also women-centric, I really like this role for its seriousness. There was a lot of work and time spent in getting the right expressions. Yendamoori sir would correct me whenever required. It was really nice to see how a man of such seniority could be so humble and kind while correcting juniors.

Some of the challenges you faced...

Learning is a continuous process. The biggest challenge was to come up to the expectations of the director.

Compared to other actors, what are your special traits?

There are a lot of actors in all the film industries. Directors are also opening up to hiring fresh faces. Thus, making one’s presence felt is very important. Acting is a constant challenge. I am really hardworking and I put my best efforts into every scene. I think I’m good with expressions and that is my best acting trait. Personally, I am not a fussy person and I am kind to everyone on the sets. I have always kept my attitude in check.

When not shuttling between sets, what do you do?

If not at a set, I try to use my time to study. I am pursuing my degree course and I try to manage my time efficiently. Otherwise, my favourite pastimes are shopping and hanging out with friends.

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