Slain Ugandan's landlord evicts 4 African tenants

'They are causing a ruckus and police are troubling us'

The landlord of the Ugandan woman who was murdered last week has asked four of his tenants from African nations to vacate the houses. One of the tenants vacated the house on Saturday.

K M Narayanaswamy, the landlord, said he took the decision because the foreigners had been “causing a ruckus” on his premises. “Some of my foreign tenants are very good. They have been staying for over two years now and never created any problems,” he said. “But there are also troublemakers.”

Thimmegowda Layout, in eastern Bengaluru’s Kothanur, is home to a number of people from African nations. Narayanaswamy owns three houses in the locality, each having six to nine units which have been rented mainly to people from Africa nations. The rental income is shared by his three daughters who live close-by.

“We don’t charge rent as per our whims. For a one-bedroom house, we charge between Rs 6,000 and Rs 7,500 per month. This is the running rate in the area even for Indian tenants,” Vanajamma, Narayanaswamy’s wife, said and showed rental agreements.

Vanajamma’s presence of mind had helped police to nab Ishaan, who allegedly killed the Ugandan woman, Nakayaki Florence, in the early hours of Thursday. Vanajamma and her family heard Nakayaki screaming around 2 am. They rushed up to her house on the second floor only to see bloodstains everywhere. With help from other tenants, they quickly locked the house from the outside, trapping Ishaan inside. They also pacified and stopped angry Africans from entering the house.

Police trouble

Vanajamma complained that police troubled her whenever any of her tenants was directly or indirectly involved in a crime. “We collect all the scheduled forms from foreign tenants, such as passport, visa, admission letter, residential permit and rental agreement, and submit them to police. Still, my husband had to pay a court fine of Rs 350 after the Kothanur police sent a notice that he was not collecting the requisite documents,” she said.

Landlords are required to collect from every foreign tenant scheduled forms duly attested by the jurisdictional station house officer. Police will keep a copy of the same.

The notice was issued after one of their tenants, Victoria alias Vicky, was involved in a police case. Victoria and her friends had pushed a Ugandan woman from the first floor of a house in July 2016 during a drunken brawl. The woman was grievously injured. “We collect all the documents, but we cannot verify them,” she said. “It’s police’s job.”

Three officials from the Ugandan embassy visited Nakayaki’s house on Friday. They met Narayanaswamy and Vanajamma and sought information about the incident. The landlady narrated what happened that night. The embassy officials then went to the B R Ambedkar Medical College Hospital to facilitate the post-mortem. No one has come forward to arrange for sending the body to her hometown, Kampala in Uganda, because of financial constraints.

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