To send word out on depression, actor turns producer

Agashe wants to 'smuggle' education in the garb of entertainment

To send word out on depression, actor turns producer

Veteran Marathi actor Mohan Agashe turned into a producer for the movie ‘Kaasav’ directed by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar because he wants to get the word out on depression.

 In his words, Agashe wants to smuggle education in the garb of entertainment.
“I had to invest my life savings in the movie ‘Astu’ because I was acting in it. You cannot start an operation and leave the patient on the table without completing it,” Agashe said. It was his first experience as a producer and it was great, he says, because people liked the movie. “So this time, I volunteered to co-produce ‘Kaasav'". Translated as ‘Turtle’, the movie is about a young, suicidal boy who is given shelter by a woman.

“Depression is a serious problem, which is affecting South-Asian countries. World Health Organisation has said that in the near future, depression will be the leading cause of mortality,” Agashe said.

Drawing the metaphor of a mother turtle who hatches her eggs and leaves before the young ones are born, ‘Kaasav’ tells the viewer how patience and love can help a person with depression. Director Sukthankar said, “The movie does not try to provide a solution or tell the viewer how to deal with depression. Each case is different and the movie shows just one of them.”

Agashe stressed on the importance of listening with patience and understanding. “Our education system prepares us in a way that we are always ready with an answer and analysis. Instead, when someone wants to talk we should simply listen,” he said.

As producer of a film without big stars or exotic locations, Agashe said that recovering his investment requires more effort. “Audience come to theatres because they like a certain star or to see great locations. You have a good story to offer but they do not know that before watching,” he said.

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