A pop of colour

A pop of colour
The season of love is here once again and people are gearing up to celebrate this day in the jazziest of ways. A cloak of red has covered the city as all the usual hangout places, from coffee shops and malls to gift shops, are decked  up in red in honour of this occasion.
Throughout the year, fashionistas look for opportunities to dress their best, not just for others, but for themselves too. And Valentine’s day is one of those few occasions where people want to feel special and look special. This time, many designers recommend people to be unique in the colours they choose and break the ‘code red’.

“Neutral grey, blues, beige and pastel shades can make one stand out on this occasion. Since the weather is more pleasant now, people want to go out instead of staying indoors. I suggest girls to go for flowy and easy-to-wear silhouettes which will compliment the weather,” recommends designer Saggar Mehta. 

Moving away from the conventional colour for the season of love is the primary aim for this designer. As per him, red is no more seen as the customary hue for the day. Rather, people are looking at pink as the new red. “Pink is an aromatic colour, perhaps more than red, and it truly gives the feel of the day. People can go for linen jackets with woollen insides which will blend in perfectly. However, boots and overcoats are somethings that one should avoid this season. In fact, say a big no to all kinds of heavy garments and layering. There should be a constant interaction with the weather,” he details.

Men, on the other hand, however, can go for layering which must be comfortable and light. Since menswear is very predictable, this season they should opt for a rather unusual look, says Saggar.

 “A sartorial tailored suit or a thin underlined jacket with a sporty bow and sneaker can give one a casual yet an eclectic, bold and bandy touch. As my preferred colour is pink in pastel shades, I would suggest men to go for pink and mix it with the usual greys, blues and blacks.” 

After the cliched overdose of red every year on Valentine’s day, this time it is all about contrast and complimenting one’s attire. Blending of fabrics is another good idea — one can go for wool, linen and satin and blend in some Cashmere for a royal touch.  Designer Althea Krishna is in favour of this approach and adds that cotton blended with linen can also give a great effect.

“People always choose red as ‘the’ colour of the day. Maybe it is time to change the trend. Since summer is almost here, people should opt for subtlety in terms of prints and colours. One can go for earthy colours like green and light beige, which are pleasant on  the eyes. A pop of colour with these hues will not hurt either,” she says.

The other colours that are making waves this season are ivory and white, says designer Rashi Kapoor. “Since red has always been predominant, it cannot be ignored completely.

Incorporating it with other subtle colours will work. In terms of styles, crop tops, ruffles, off-shoulder and bell bottoms are becoming popular this season,” says Rashi.

“Men can however look forward to some smart dressing with bright colours. Ankle length pants with check shirts and sneakers can be one of the looks; wearing red sneaker with white trousers can also give a funky look,” say Rashi. “Girls can make a mark on this day with opulent yet comfortable clothing that has generous sprinklings of elaborate embroidery, drapes, pleats and folds.
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