Corporate corridors beckon women leaders

Corporate corridors beckon women leaders

Corporate corridors beckon women leaders

The corporate world has largely accepted the reality that the future is for women power and many progressive organisations have introduced various initiatives to bring in diversity at work and to groom them to take leadership roles.

Women leaders like Indira Nooyi, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chanda Kochaar, Padmasree Warrior, Naina Lal Kidwai, Shobhana Bhartia testifies this fact.

Basic decision making strength, ability to multitask and ability to adapt to all kinds of situation, risk taking skills etc are the key qualities that makes a woman a successful leader. However, experts feel that there are many challenges that stop women from achieving career success. Striking a chord between work life, restarting career after a break due to various family and personal responsibilities etc. make it difficult for women to climb the career ladder easily.

Various progressive organisations have initiatives like flexi-timings, telecommuting, maternity/adoption leaves, and providing child care facilities in office campus etc. to help women employees to manage their personal and professional lives better. Cisco Inclusion & Diversity Champion, Asia Pacific & Japan Tracy Ann Curtis, says “We have a policy called ‘on ramp/off ramp’ policy which will make it easier for woman employees to take time off and return to work.”

Organisational support

Experts feel that along with organisational support a women must must prepare herself  to grow in her career. According to EMC Senior Manger Software Engineering Madhu Bindiganavalae Manjunath “IT industry offers huge opportunities for woman and she must take responsibilities and identify the opportunities available. Women should be well focused and goal driven to grow in her career.”

“Mentoring and networking with successful leaders will help a woman boost her confidence and strength. The mindset of ladies entering the industry is changing and they are looking for a long-term career.” adds Yahoo HR Vice President Aparna Ballakur.
India Inc is welcoming the fairer sex at work and there is nothing coming in the way of a woman employee from attaining her goals. Grooming their career and soft skills,  and also creating a career plan and working hard to achieve it, is the way forward for women employees.