'No kissing scenes for me'

'No kissing scenes for me'


'No kissing scenes for me'

Raghu Mukherjee

Model-turned-actor Raghu Mukherjee, who is busy shooting for his latest untitled movie with director Shiva Ganapathi, is all geared up to play his character in this movie. Raghu, who is happy about his success with Savari, is all excited about his upcoming flick, where Pooja Gandhi is playing the female lead.

About his role, Raghu says, “My role in this movie is very different from my previous movies. I play a light character, who loves music and then falls in love with a girl who is not interested in him. In the process of trying to win her, I get entangled in various other things.”

Raghu encountered two not-so pleasant situations while shooting for the movie. The first incident was when he had to lock lips with Pooja, which he refused to do, and the other was when he had to slap Pooja.

On the slapping scene, he says, “I had to slap Pooja, which I was a little apprehensive about. But Pooja insisted that I do it to make it look realistic. And I finally slapped her.”
Raghu does not like to do any kissing or love-making scenes. He is very clear about it when he goes for the first meeting of any movie that he takes up.

He says “Lip-locking and love-making scenes are something that I would never want to do. I feel it is very private thing and I am quite a shy guy to do any of these on screen. I won’t be able to do this with any heroine. So when the director asked me to do it, I plainly refused.”

He says, “I make it very clear to the director and others in the beginning itself that I cannot do these scenes. I don’t want the director to compromise on anything. They will have their vision about certain things and my ideology should not clash with that.

Director Shiva Ganapathi did not have any problem when I refused to do this particular scene. It was a mutual understanding between us. Moreover, I had spelt out my terms initially itself.”

About sharing screen space with Pooja for the first time, he says “Pooja is very comfortable, flexible, professional and great to work with.”