Lotus in mud

In the first week of June 2016, a prominent English daily did a story on the subject ‘The world of godmen: from sublime to ridiculous’ which raised a lot of questions that emerged in people’s minds. It made people question their beliefs as well as the faith that they have invested in their so called Gurus. There is no doubt in it that there are  some people who have intense love for spiritualism. But that brand of spiritualism is not constituted of pure spirituality. It has streaks of materialism of one sort or the other. It is true that they understand the benefits of soul-consciousness and advise others to give up body consciousness and they themselves also practise soul-consciousness. But in their zeal to spread spiritualism, they have their eyes set on those people who have money and material goods so that their money and material things can be used for the spread of spiritualism. But in doing this, their intent is not wholly spiritualistic. But it has always a touch of worldly ambition - hidden desire for glory and praise. Thus, they have desire for name and fame and material abundance.

It is said that the path of spirituality is paved with many slipping tiles and hence, one has to be very cautious in one’s gait. One may, sometimes, see the self surrounded by flatterers and flippants and, at other times, by those who want some special favours by offering fat purses, costly gifts, big bouquets or high-flown words of praise. This may sharpen one’s thirst for fame, hunger for position, power, high profile or honour. However, a true spiritualist is one who remains above all these temptations and is a living example of lotus in mud.

At the same time, it should also be noted that true spirituality does not mean that one should not accept any money, raise any building or have any programme. It only requires that one should have the spirit of sacrifice — renunciation and must not hanker after worldly things that are short-lived, evanescent and hollow. Needless to say that one must look after one’s health and have necessary things. But at the same time, one must lead a simple life and must not stretch things out of the controllable limit.
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