Chasing a childhood dream

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Chasing a childhood dream

Captain Bengt Andersson was barely four years old when he decided that he wanted to become a pilot.

His dream also took shape because of his father who was an aviation enthusiast. “My father bought a Piper Cub aircraft when I was ten years old and I have many fond memories of flying in the aircraft with my father. It is now 70 years old and I still have it with me. The aircraft is strong, sturdy and ready to fly at any time,” says Bengt. 

   Now, Bengt’s children, all of seven and five, fly with him in the aircraft whenever he takes it out for a spin. 

Bengt, a WASP display pilot at the Scandinavian Airshow, has flown almost all the aircraft. “I have flown many planes,” he says with a smile even as he turns around to quickly fix the wings of the WASP aircraft that he operates.

 “It is not only important to know how to fly the plane but also understand the mechanics of it. I always test the engine for 15 minutes before I fly it,” says Bengt, who is known for his high flying skills, professionalism and experience in formation flying.

 Bengt began his career in the Swedish Air Force and flew the Swedish jet fighter Saab J35 until he retired a few years ago. He now flies passenger planes. “I started my career in a fighter jet but I’ve had the opportunity to fly most of the aircraft. I’ve also trained many Gripen pilots,” he adds.

 He says that the best part about being a pilot is the freedom he experiences when he flies. “I can’t find the right words to describe what it feels like to stay in the sky. I like the unlimited freedom that I enjoy in my profession,” he shares. 

  Bengt gets the WASP aircraft to literally dance to his tunes during his aerobatics. He has done countless manoeuvres as a fighter pilot and now he gets the WASP aircraft to do the loops, hammerhead turns and slow rolls to precision. “It’s hard for me to pick and choose the best manoeuvre because it takes an immense amount of training to do these stunts and I love them all,” he says. 

Ask him what he likes best about the aircraft and he says that it is not only its high capabilities but also the fact that it literally sounds like a wasp when it takes off. “At the time of takeoff, the aircraft lets off a sound that is exactly like that of a wasp. The sound pierces your ear and will stay on for a long time. It’s a great feeling,” says Bengt.

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