Great to have G R E A T qualities

Indeed, a person is considered pretty great if he possesses the G R E A T qualities – the feelings of Gratitude, Respect, Empathy, Admiration/Appreciation and Tons of love, for others around. Many times, it so happens that, from others, we expect in abundance these aforesaid things, when, ironically, we ourselves don’t possess any of these, even in exiguous amount.

Just sample these scenarios that we often see in our day-to-day life. The head of a profit-garnering software company makes a presumptuous statement to his employees saying the latter should be ever ‘Grateful’ to the company, for proffering them with the plum pay package, besides plenty of perks, to boot. Without realising the same ‘Gratitude’ even he should be having towards his employees, who’d be persistently plugging away at work, with all perseverance, to ensure the progress/profits of the company are perpetually on the rise.

A senior staffer at a workplace feels it is his prerogative to bulldoze and browbeat his junior colleagues into doing things, the way he wants them to do. Without a scintilla of ‘Respect,’ he rides roughshod over them, but expects tons of respect in return from them. Without seeing the simple logic that one gets that sort of singular respect only when one gives it.

A working husband, returning back home with raddled-out body and rattling nerves, repeatedly whines and repines before his homemaker wife, saying, how grueling the day had been for him. Without ‘Empathising’ that even she hadn’t been having any rollicking time at home, and that she was equally wrapped up with a raft of body-reeling drab chores. 

A school kid feels sore that seldom he is ‘Admired/Appreciated’ for any of his skills by his school teacher. Without understanding that he even hasn’t tried ‘Admiring’ the monumental patience and mammoth task of the teacher in managing so many students in each class. A friend feels vexed about not being loved, and made to feel special/important, unlike earlier times. Without discerning the fact ‘Tons of love’ is received only when it is strongly radiated/reciprocated. To conclude, unrequited things, be it love, respect, admiration, etc, can never sustain/survive for long, if it is not strictly mutual. After all, what we supply is what is supplied back to us!       
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