ATM dispenses Rs 2,000 notes from 'Children's Bank of India'

ATM dispenses Rs 2,000 notes from 'Children's Bank of India'
Everyone knows the RBI prints currency in India but a young call centre executive stood perplexed at an SBI ATM in southeast Delhi early February after it dispensed four Rs 2,000 notes issued by “Children's Bank of India”.

 If not more, the four notes he got from the ATM in Sangam Vihar had at least 10 deviations in printing from serial number “000000” to the solemn promise to “pay the barer two thousand coupens (sic)” as “guaranteed by Children Government”.

The script did not end there as Rohith, the victim, immediately called the police. Soon a sub-inspector arrived to check the veracity of his claim and withdrew some cash himself.

The investigator was in for a rude shock as he too got a Rs 2,000 note issued by “CBI” and not RBI with the inscription ‘Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank’ (Indian Entertainment Bank).

The ATM dispensed fake notes with a face value of Rs 2,000 on February 6 with at least 10 variations, most of them hilarious, from the original. The incident came to light when Rohith withdrew Rs 8,000 from his account which had a balance of Rs 8,425.85.

The notes withdrawn by Rohith also had a ‘churan (digestive) label’ where the Ashok Chakra should have been.  In place of the Reserve Bank of India seal, the letters “P.K” were used. It made a “promise to pay the barer two thousand coupens” instead of “I promise to pay the bearer the sum of ₹2,000”.

Earlier, Rs 2,000 notes without Mahatma Gandhi’s photo had surfaced. But the  authorities had said that these were “printing errors” and the notes were “genuine”.

The Rs 2,000 notes were issued soon after the government announced demonetisation of high-value notes on November 8. The issue of fake notes in ATMs raises questions about banks and the firms filling money in them.

The police have registered a case of cheating and scanned CCTV footage to identify the last man to fill cash in the machine. “Till now, there have been no other complaints.

Probably, only a few notes were changed. We have to identify at which point the real notes were exchanged,” a senior police officer said. According to the FIR, Rohith questioned the ATM guard. Sources said the guard immediately informed his superiors, following which the ATM was shut down.

The sub-inspector who arrived at the spot also questioned local people but no one else had received such notes.

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