Evolution of luxury bathrooms

Evolution of luxury bathrooms

Right from the Roman times, luxurious bathing has taken on artistic connotations, the
rejuvenating dip offered in appealingly multiple ways. While the royalty had baths laced with milk and honey and scented with roses, accompanied by a set of aromatic candles, bathing was viewed as a ritual that was not only an exercise in hygiene, but one to be indulged in at leisure and enjoyed to the hilt.

Luxurious bath spaces as well as bathing accessories have invariably been designed to infuse art that was relevant to the period, while offering comfort and relaxation in use. Each offered a unique experience of bathing in the lap of extravagance, the craftsmanship tuned to speak of the ultimate in indulgence and beauty.

Interestingly, this royal touch to bath spaces was invariably extended to spaces that welcomed luxury, with the rest of the segments seeing mundane, practical fittings. But over the decades, bath spaces have undergone a sea change with the aspiration for beauty and indulgence reaching beyond the narrow segments of luxury. Not surprisingly, this forced a rethinking and a further evolution in craftsmanship in the luxury segment, with creativity and technology scaling new heights.

Bathrooms continue to be the key element of homes playing multifunctional roles. Today’s bathrooms are lounging spaces. The bath space that was usually meant only for a wash and brush-up is now transforming itself into a peaceful sanctuary with luxury touches. Wellness is one of the most important zones in the bath space – the other three areas being basin area, shower area and the water closet area.

Wellness is therapeutic in nature, and is not only viewed through a lifestyle lens, but from the health perspective as well. Psychotherapists are seeing this concept as a key ingredient to living a well-balanced life. Contrary to our perception, zones are not only restricted to bathrooms but have become an extension on one’s home.

With changing trends, patrons are focusing on redefining and redesigning bathrooms as a wellness space and are spending more time there, not merely for hygiene reasons, but to relax, recreate and get a sense of wellbeing. The concept of luxury too has shifted towards creating wholesome experiences for oneself, spending time preciously, making life easier and enhancing the quality of everyday life. Call it a freshness boost, a relaxing massage, a cleaning ritual or in short simply dub it ‘power bathing’, the modern day bathroom is very much a personal sanctuary that spells the ultimate in relaxation.

Trends for the bathroom

With everything in a living space coordinated to provide comfort and desire, bathrooms are not left far behind. With all wash basins matching the design language of the shower and the water closet design matching the faucet — the bathing space is becoming an experience zone rather than just serving its utility. It has become ‘fashion-led’ in terms of its high aesthetic value and contemporary design. In recent times, with changes in living styles due to global exposure, Indian homes are advancing to a higher level of finesse. Coordinated living and bathing spaces are becoming a reality where all parts of the available space have a common design language.

Consumers are looking at clean and elegant products with straight lines and curves. People are moving towards simple cleaner and contemporary designs. Hence products with cleaner lines and a more minimalist modern vibe are preferred. Designs that are inspired from nature to infuse the space with a calming effect are also becoming popular.

Products with unique designs and technology innovations are also trending this year, including smart showers and self-cleaning showers. The changing patterns of luxury bathrooms are focusing on ergonomics and the interface between people and technology that entails being multi-functional for joint usage and allowing more time for individuals to relax and find a refuge from the hectic pace of life.

The trends these days emphasise on personalising the space and adding amenities that are more spa-like. Patrons look forward to step into their master bathrooms for a calming and luxurious shower, to feel the unrelenting cascade of water arch down their back, to enjoy the therapeutic effect of a back and shoulder massage etc. They look for products that provide an experiential feel.

Normal flush valves not only consume space but also require a separate pipeline from the overhead tank that at times become a plumbing hassle for the home owners.With changing trends and the concept of smaller and compact bathrooms gaining popularity, patrons these days also look for space saving and stylish flush valves rather than the exposed or concealed cistern in the bathroom.

(The author is director & promoter, Jaquar Group)

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