How do you wear your kohl?

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How do you wear your kohl?

Kajal is one of the make-up products most of us just can’t do without. Even on bad days, we do not step out of the house without perfect kohl-lined eyes.

A single sweep of this wonder can give definition to your facial features. However, getting it right is not always an easy task. Smudges and blotches are an everyday affair and occur even after years of practice. Here is some expert advice to help you do it right.


On a normal day, go for minimal application of eyeliner. Make a thin line starting from the inner corner of your eye lids to the outer corner. Extend it a wee bit to add more drama to your eyes.

Winged eye

Create this look by applying kajal on your upper lash lines, from the inner corners and moving outwards just like the basic application. Now, extend the line upwards from the tip of the outer corner of your eyes. By applying short strokes, thicken the line to create a ‘wing’.

Double-winged eye

Create this style by drawing out the winged-eye look on your upper lash lines. Apply a fine line of kajal moving from the inner corner to the outer corner and give it a gentle downward curve at the outer edge.

Kitten eye

Start applying a thin line from the inner corner of your eye. Make it slightly thicker as you move outwards. If you are a beginner, try applying it in short strokes. As you reach the outer corner, flick it out slightly in a straight line, but upwards.

Upper lash line

For a formal look, apply eyeliner only on your upper lash line, and leave the lower lash line bare. This style goes well with formal wear.

Stark eyes

When you want to really highlight your eyes, try the stark style. Lighten your eyelids with whitish eye shadow and draw thick angular lines along both upper and lower eyelashes.

Smokey eyes

Smudged eye make-up is the key to getting the smokey eye look. Apply kajal on your upper lash line and rub it with petroleum jelly. The smudged look will make you look strangely sexy.

Doe-eyed look

It is a trend from the 60's and 70's pulled off by Bollywood beauties of the yesteryears. By making a slight ‘u’ at the inner corner of your eyes, apply a thick layer of eyeliner along both eyelash lines to get a delicate, feminine look.

Goth look

Apply dark colored eye shadow onto your eyelids and use thick lines of kajal or eyeliner along your lashes for a gothic look.

(The author is owner,  Indica Makeover Studio)

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