A box of goodness

Cheesy take

A box of goodness

If you are a fast food lover, you know that there is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.

So imagine this — with each bite you take, you’ll experience an explosion in your mouth with flavours, cheese and the right amount of sauce that is held by this one incredible thick crust. Sounds great, huh? 

This delicious feeling and more is what online vendor ‘Mojo Pizza’ offers. They don’t have a physical store for you to buy from.

You can either use their website or place an order through a toll-free number. However, they are available only in certain parts of the city.

So it is recommended that you call the number or check online if your area is listed for the delivery service.

As there are many pizza stores available in the city, what sets ‘Mojo Pizza’ apart is their generous amount of toppings.

They believe that the true flavour of pizza lies in its delicious toppings and there is no bigger crime than holding them back. This is purely a fast food place, so don’t expect a fancy option like a particular crust or exotic ingredients to be added to your pizza.

The menu is simple and sophisticated in its own way. The quantity is good and worth the price you pay for.

Overflowing with cheese, you can choose between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas.  
The ‘Farm Fresh’ and ‘Magic Mushrooms’ pizzas are recommended if you want to go vegetarian.

If you prefer a hint of spice, you can choose between ‘Good Earth’ and ‘Some Like It Hot’ pizzas.

If you are a pepperoni love, this pizza they offer is a dream come true. The good part is, they really do offer plenty of pepperonis on the pizza!

But if you prefer chicken, you can enjoy the ‘Chicken Full Smash’ or ‘Fantastic Four’ pizzas.
They also offer appetisers like ‘Exotic Garlic Bread’ and ‘Chicken Cheese Garlic Bread’, if you think the cheesy goodness is not enough.

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