Align aptitude with career goals

Align aptitude with career goals

Studying in India

Align aptitude with career goals

Raja ReddyDear Sir,

I am in 2nd PUC (Commerce). I’m very interested in studying in Australia. I want to pursue an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Griffith University or Queensland University. I would like your advice in selecting the right course.


Dear Anon,

It is good that you are thinking ahead in terms of courses and colleges. Though you want to study abroad, there seems to be some confusion in your mind as you are asking for advice on the ‘right course’ in spite of indicating that you are interested in Business Administration. Since you are studying Commerce, you have many career choices. Obviously, you are an intelligent youngster as you are aiming to study in Australia, where the admission standards are quite high.  I understand that you would be able to afford the high cost of education in a country such as Australia. I would suggest that you make an informed career choice. You might want to take the assistance of a career counsellor to identify your level of intelligence and areas of intelligence, which will then give you career options to match your aptitude. Business Administration education at any level is expensive, more so when it is a course abroad. You could pursue an undergraduate degree in Commerce here in India and then go abroad for higher studies. Three more years of education here will give you the exposure and the maturity to choose your career path appropriately.

Dear Sir,

I’m a 2nd PUC (Science) student and I am learning French. Literature is my passion. I’ve always excelled in studies until Class 10 and I have remarkable achievements in English. I do not really have any interest in Science but my parents want me to study Medicine. I would like to build a career in Literature. I’ve also heard that Anthropology is an emerging field. But I’ve been told that it’s not rewarding in the long-term. I do like courses such as Fashion Merchandising, HR and Marketing. Please suggest a  degree which I could pursue after 2nd PUC. Could you please suggest universities in India and abroad (Singapore or USA) that offer courses in literature
and languages?

Umme Fannaz

Dear Umme Fannaz,

What I understand from your query is that there is a lot of confusion in your mind as to what course and career you should pursue. If you believe that your passion is Literature and not Science, then I would suggest that you pursue your passion. In the same breath you show an interest in Anthropology, and Marketing & Management. Moreover, you seem to be under pressure from your parents to pursue Medicine. There is no common factor in your choices. I suggest you get your aptitude tested by a competent career counsellor in order to make an informed and appropriate career choice. These days you are fortunate to have plenty of career choices, and this is the right time for you to make a correct choice.

A degree is only a step towards your career goals. There is no dearth of highly rated universities and institutions in India, Singapore, USA or the UK. Once you are sure of your career then you can decide whether to study in India or abroad.
Dear Sir,

I’m a 1st PUC student. I want to pursue a degree in Engineering (E&C) abroad. I have secured 88 per cent in SSLC. I have 95 per cent in Math and 88 per cent in Science. I want to do Engineering in USA or the UK. But I do not have a clear picture of the universities that provide this course and the entrance exams. Please help.


Dear Krithika,

Your academic performance is commendable. Continue to be consistent and, if possible, aim for higher scores. Since you are aiming to study Engineering at the undergraduate level in a foreign university you need to be sure of your career goals. Engineering has many branches and the branch you choose must be in alignment with your career goals. USA and the UK are good choices to pursue engineering education. To study in USA at the undergraduate level you need to have a high SAT score. SAT ( is Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is a requirement to gain admission to any undergraduate programme in USA. All universities in USA need SAT 1 scores. Some universities ask for SAT 2 scores. SAT 2 is a subject-specific test.  Your SAT scores will give you an advantage in enrolment assessment by the universities. The universities also assess your entry credibility by your academic performance in Class 12. You have to take the English language proficiency test, which is either TOEFL or IELTS. (, For information on specific universities and the minimum academic performance levels and scores in SAT, IELTS and or TOEFL, browse the following websites:,,

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