Contraband articles worth Rs 1.16-cr seized in February

Contraband articles worth Rs 1.16-cr seized in February

24 cases of confiscation at international airport by Customs

The Customs officers at Mangalore International Airport seized contraband items valued at over Rs 1.16 crore in 24 instances of smuggling in February.

A press release from Commissioner Dr M Subramaniyam said that the officers seized contraband gold above 3.18 kg, which were ingeniously concealed and being smuggled.

In three cases, primary gold concealed in the form of mercury-coated wires inside the beading portion and metallic strips of the trolley bags were detected. In two other instances, gold concealed in the form of silver-coloured paint-coated objects of various shapes and sizes, beads in chains and bracelets, circular objects in belt buckles, watch strip-holders, buttons of burkhas and baby pants were detected. In two instances crude gold objects in the form of rings and chain were found concealed in face cream and seized besides three gold bars. The value of gold seized in these seven cases is estimated to be over Rs 92.94 lakh. Further investigations are under progress.

Foreign currency

On gathering inputs that there is a surge in smuggling of foreign currency by passengers departing to middle east, the officers kept special watch on movements of certain profiled passengers. This resulted in three seizures of foreign currency attempted to be smuggled out of India equivalent to Rs 18.79 lakh approximately. The cases are under investigation.

Smoking tobacco weighing 4.625 kg valued over Rs 2.03 lakh and found concealed along with personal effects was seized. Besides, 13 cases of smuggling of assorted foreign brand cigarettes were also detected during the month and 120 cartons without statutory pictorial warning valued over Rs 2.44 lakh were confiscated.

The state-of-the-art scanning machines installed by the Customs recently are enabling the officers in zeroing in on the right baggage, besides aiding in maintaining and further improving facilitation of genuine passengers, added the release.