India nudged Trump to break silence

India nudged Trump to break silence

India subtly nudged US President Donald Trump to break his week-long silence over the February 22 killing of an Information Technology professional from Hyderabad at Kansas.

A source in New Delhi said Trump’s condemnation had vindicated India’s strategy of conveying to the US its shock over the hate crime and insisting on security of Indians in America, but at the same time avoiding contributing to clamour against the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant policies.

Trump’s call for adopting a merit-based immigration system late on Tuesday was also lauded in New Delhi, where officials said that it might help Indians looking for opportunities in America.

An official told DH that New Delhi had late last week conveyed to Washington its unease over “the silence at the top echelons” of White House over the incident. It was conveyed to key officials in Trump administration that Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s killing came as a shock for Indians in America and their families in India, who were already worried over the anti-immigrant policies and its promise to restrict “misuse of H-1B visas” by foreign skilled professionals as well as to protect jobs for Americans.

New Delhi conveyed to Washington that a condemnation from the White House would help reassure Indians in America and would augur well for the first major diplomatic engagement between India and the Trump administration in the US, the official said. Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar is currently in Washington and is likely to meet senior US government officials.

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