BSY-Eshwarappa spat turns nastier

Chief Minister, Energy Minister face-off in Delhi

Part of a delegation to New Delhi, the two not only did not work together, but also did not so much as acknowledge each other’s presence at the meetings.

As a beleaguered Yeddyurappa sought to dismiss the Eshwarappa episode, more trouble brewed in Bellary where the Reddy brothers renewed their attack against him on Tuesday.

There is no doubt that the political hiatus between the two has widened ever since the Lok Sabha elections were declared.

Eshwarappa, who has launched a tirade against the CM for a number of reasons, including fielding his son for the Shimoga LS seat, is in Delhi as a member of a Yeddyurappa-led delegation to meet some Union ministers to apprise them of the pending projects in Karnataka.

Though Yeddyurappa was busy all through Tuesday, he did little to conceal his anger against Eshwarappa. When Deccan Herald sought his comments on Eshwarappa’s Monday outbursts, Yeddyurappa shot back: “I am not going to him for any discussion.

Let Sadananda Gowda (State BJP president) do that job. Besides, I don’t want to discuss what he has said as I am only concerned about the State’s development issues.”
A minister accompanying Yeddyurappa said, “The CM is very upset with the developments. Though it may not shake his government immediately, it is indeed causing a headache.”

The Yeddyurappa-Eshwarappa rift is believed to have come to the fore over the CM’s reservations about the manner in which his detractor has been handling issues relating to the Energy ministry. Yeddyurappa reportedly did not approve of many of Eshwarappa’s decisions, including those related to transfer of officials.

Interestingly, the delegation, which comprised about 12 ministers, gave an impression they were members of the CM’s “trusted colleagues”. Though he is not considered be close to Yeddyurappa, Karunakara Reddy was a member on the delegation. Eshwarappa chose to stay put in a hotel next to Karnataka Bhavan New Delhi. He refused to offer any comment.

In Bellary, the first salvo came from the Reddy brothers on Tuesday. Somashekar Reddy, Bellary BJP MLA, and brother of ministers Janardhana Reddy and Karunakara Reddy, minced no words in saying that Yeddyurappa and his coterie were neglecting a section of the BJP legislators. Somashekar Reddy accused the CM of not responding positively to some of the ‘just’ demands placed before him by a section of the BJP legislators. He, however, hastened to add that the BJP government was stable and would complete its tenure. Speaking to reporters in Bangalore, Sagar BJP MLA Beluru Gopalakrishna squarely blamed Food and Civil Supplies Minister H Halappa for having failed to mobilise the Idiga community votes for the party candidate in Sorab during the Lok Sabha elections. Halappa, who hails from Shimoga, is a close confidant of Yeddyurappa. Both Halappa and Gopalakrishna are Idigas.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that Speaker Jagadish Shettar and PWD Minister C M Udasi may swap their posts. When contacted, Shettar said he was yet to be sounded out on any changes.

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