A play of techniques

A play of techniques

Creative strokes

A play of techniques

Young artist Kiran Rajshekar is fascinated by the dark side of human beings, so much so that he uses art as a medium to give expression to that. He uses a host of techniques like zinc plate etching, wood block printing, mono prints, viscosity, lithographs and linocuts to create abstract pieces.

A part of the Young Talent Program at Alliance Francaise, Kiran recently exhibited his works at the  venue. The exhibition was curated by Balan Nambiar, Franck Barthélémy and Ravi Cavale.

Though these mediums are time-tested, Kiran uses them in his own way. “The oft-used subjects are human beings trying to escape from a constricted ambience. I am happy that I was able to give concrete shape to my thoughts,” said Kiran.

Many were seen admiring the works and discussing the essence of it among themselves and with the artist as well.

Malini, a teacher, found the display really amazing and very creative.

“Each of the pieces, including the lithographs, the zinc plate etching and the wood block printing, have great detailing. All the works are a little abstract but if you look closely, you will see that there is some meaning behind it. Especially the work with the title ‘Crumble’ that has detailing in graphite, is very unique and intriguing. I haven’t come across this sort of work lately!” she said.

Rajita, an artist, was all praises for the artist and the organisers. “The work is really good and exceptional. It’s really nice of the curators to come forth and encourage such young talent.”